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J-List Has Opened Pre-Orders for Two New Figures of Shiro - No Game No Life

J-List has opened pre-orders for two new figures of Shiro from No Game No Life. Collectors can choose between a sexy bunny, a lewd kitty, or both.

We’ve got a double figure feature for all you PVC connoisseurs. Today, we’re taking a look at two variations of Shiro, the cute little loli from No Game No Life. She’s got both a bunny version and a cat version coming out, so she satisfies the two main animal girl tropes. Both figures are brought to us by FREEing, a company that has a long-standing and positive reputation in the figure world.

Image source: Agon via myfigurecollection.com

First, the cat version. Here, we have Shiro dressed quite appropriately for this website. She’s not really dressed as a cat, so much as she's transformed into a full-blown nekomimi who is not wearing much of anything. Dressed in nothing but a classic pair of striped panties, covering her upper body with her arm, this figure leaves very little to the imagination. This figure is 1/12 scale, bringing her to about 7cm (2.8in) high in her kneeling position.

Feast your eyes on this sexy figure of Shiro with nothing but a shimapan and cat ears and tail. Every inch of this figure shines with sensuality, from her dynamic curves to her inviting pose. Excellent craftsmanship and full of details, the perfect combination to showcase Shiro's perfection. Show your love for Shiro and No Game No Life with this amazing figure!

For our second figure, we have the giant 1/4 scale bunny version of Shiro. FREEing is well known for creating huge scale bunny figures, which started back in 2007 with Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Shiro makes a nice addition to the collection. She’s got the same fishnets and high heels as the rest of the bunny girl line-up, but she’s sporting a unique pose with her butt propped way up in the air. Despite being down on all fours, this figure still sits 12cm (4.7in) in height.

FREEing presents an amazing 1/4 bunny figure of Shiro from the popular anime series No Game No Life. She is presented in a white bunny girl costume while showing off her curves and giving you an inviting look. We love her gradient hair and her very innocent look which is a great contrast on how sexy this figure is. A great addition to your sexy bishoujo figure collection. Recommended for fans.

The bunny version and cat version are both currently available for pre-order on J-List. The cat version is listed for $43 and is expected to ship July 2018, while the bunny version is $245 and set to ship in August 2018. Both figures are eligible for a 10% pre-order discount.

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