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Frostworks has released a public demo version of Quest Failed: Chapter Two.

Quest Failed is an episodic series of hentai visual novels made by Frostworks. It tells the story of young Matthew, who sets off to realize his dream of being an adventurer — armed with a newly bought sword and a hand-me-down shield. If you missed the first chapter of the series, you can find more about it here. Given that this news update is about the latest part of the story, it will contain a few spoilers.

The production of the second chapter has been underway for quite a while now. Back in May, the game received a character introduction trailer, and much more recently, its first demo. After a week of being exclusive to patrons, it has now become public. To celebrate the occasion Frostworks has released a video announcement embedded below:

Quest Failed: Chapter Two takes on right where chapter one left off. It begins with Matthew on his way to meet the Queen, with no direct recap of the first chapter’s events. Though, you should be able to grasp and recall a lot from the character’s dialogues alone.

Chapter two features simple yet significant changes to the formula. You're now in a much more open world, with Matthew being able to freely explore the capital city on his own terms, pick his quests, and interact with various and often new characters at different times of the day.

If you’re interested in trying out the demo for yourself, grab it at the Frostworks’ page. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. After playing through it, don’t forget to fill the short survey to help the game’s development. If you'd like to support Frostworks, you can do so on their Patreon.

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