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Frontwing Begins Kickstarter for Physical Edition of Momoiro Closet

H-game developers Frontwing have begun a Kickstarter campaign aimed at funding a physical edition for their new VN, Momoiro Closet.

Momoiro Closet is a VN that tells the story of Alice, the straight-laced daughter of a Japanese diet member. Under her perfect facade, Alice hides a dirty secret - she's an insufferable anime otaku, wall scrolls, figurines and all, specializing in children's cartoons and magical girls. Throughout the novel, Alice must balance the duty she has to her reputation and appearance with her true self, her real personality, and her hobbies. From the Kickstarter description:

Kagamihara Alice: model student, and president of the student council.As the daughter of a National Diet member, she has a reputation to keep up, both in terms of looks and grades.Compared to average joe Hashima Reiji, she's like a being from another dimension.The two would have absolutely nothing in common......Were it not for the one strange bond they share: a shared love of a Sunday morning magical girl anime, aimed at little kids.

When Reiji happens to find out that Alice is a hardcore fan of the show, Alice's overactive imagination leads her to believe that Reiji is trying to blackmail her!

Despite Reiji's best efforts to clear up the misunderstanding, it only seems to get worse, and the situation spirals further and further out of control!

One day, their conversation takes a weird turn, and Alice ends up heading over to Reiji's house to cosplay.But once she dons her costume, she's overcome by some new, naughty urges - and she decides to explore those feelings together with Reiji, her one otaku friend...

The current Kickstarter specifically funds only the physical edition and collector's goodies with pledges from as low as $1 to as high as $1500. Momoiro Closet itself, as a VN project, is already well under development and localization by Frontwing and will be released regardless of this Kickstarter's results.

As for what you can get for your pledge's worth, Frontwing is promising oodles of goodies, ranging from just a Steam key and a physical copy to up to six wall scrolls, an artbook, a printed shikishi, a loot sack, and, in their own words, a "long and cylindrical protective sleeve" . The Kickstarter still has 29 days to go, so if you're interested, you can back the project here.

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