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Due to fan feedback, Lupiesoft is attempting to fund voice acting for Dizzy Hearts, their upcoming visual novel, through Kickstarter.

Lupiesoft is a small but experienced indie studio focused on visual novels, with an affinity towards futanari on female action. Their previous titles include novels like Stargazers and Mutiny!!

Currently, the studio is working on Dizzy Hearts, a fantasy adventure set in a world where day and night are static, dividing the lands into two halves, one slightly more intimidating than the other. The story focuses on Seriva, a young human girl of the underground-dwelling Assardi. Typical of her people, she has an affection towards travel and adventure, hence why she commits to her wanderlust and travels towards the so-called end of all creation, or simply the sunless side of the world.

There, she literally runs into a young, tsundere princess of the elves, and somehow finds herself entangled in a political mess, as according to the rumor the current elven queen Llend has already chosen her successor amongst her futanari daughters, and plans to step down from the throne.

Dizzy Hearts aims to be a mature visual novel, featuring romance and drama, along with a bit of comedy as well. It will focus on the ideas of social status, duty, gender, and coming of age. The story will feature a rather sizable cast of women and dickgirls, with anything from a maturing tsundere princess to a muscular chieftain-to-be. You can find more about them in the voice acting trailer embedded below, or on the Kickstarter page itself.

We haven’t previously spoken of the first Kickstarter campaign of Dizzy Hearts, which succeeded and went on to fund the game's basic development cost. Since then the studio has been hard at work and poured some of their own funds into upgrading the product’s quality. However, even with that, they don’t feel capable of meeting a popular demand often made by fans — to include voice acting in the game.

As such, Lupiesoft has started a new Kickstarter campaign with the goal to fund at least a basic form of voice acting for Dizzy Hearts. Would the campaign fail to reach the $10, 000 USD goal, the game will still be finished, however, it will be mute.

For the inclusion of this feature, Lupiesoft has made arrangements to outsource sound engineering and voice direction to Sound Cadence Studios, who have previously worked on the fourth and fifth seasons of RWBY, and games like Battlerite or Regalia: of Men and Monarchs. As for the voice actors themselves, they plan to hire such talents as Kayli Mills, who played Fiore in the dub of Fate/Apocrypha; Jad Saxton, who dubbed Kanna in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid; or Caitlyn Elizabeth known for her role as Mai Valentine in Yu Gi Oh Abridged, and Croix in Little Witch Academia. You can see the full list of actors on the Dizzy Hearts Kickstarter page, and hear voice samples in the trailer above.

The campaign is divided into four tiers, starting at $10,000, with new target tiers at each $10,000 milestone. With a base success, the game will have a basic voicebank, after that Lupiesoft wants to add fully voiced opening and ending videos, double the voicebank on the third tier, and finally fully voice the game if they can reach $40,000.

Per usual, donating to the campaign will bring you access to a variety of perks. A pledge of $15 will get a copy of the game itself on both MangaGamer and Steam once it is finished. At $25 there’s beta access, and $65 will let you join the members-only Discord room. You can see the full list of potential perks and donation tiers in the table below:

The project is about halfway done in regards to writing and art, through music and programming haven't progressed as far in terms of production. If you’re interested in supporting the project or reading more about it, you can do so on the Dizzy Hearts Kickstarter page.

There is a demo of the game available, but as it was made for the first Kickstarter campaign and is now outdated. Most importantly, the demo features a lesser art style, which has since been updated. Still, it can give you a general impression of the story. You can check it out for yourself here, if interested.

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