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Japanese H-game developer AlexProject has released the official English version of Dusk Railway, a game about the terrible ordeals of a sexy high school prostitute.

Dusk Railway is a rather dark H-game about a high school girl who takes the subway to the red light district every night, hoping to find lonely men to solicit herself to in order to make money for food. From the DLsite description:


My home is near the school so I walk usually.

But I began to take JRXX Line recently.

One of the station is near the red light district.

Yes, I'm doing enjo kosai there.

There are some family things that I have no choice.

I earn money from men and keep the pot boiling.


Prostitution SLG

A story about a high school girl who makes a living by prostitution.

Be careful about SP/HP and girl's period and make your decision.

Ending 6

HCG 15(Animated included) + Mini Animation 6

You could change glasses/stockings state in game.

In Dusk Railway, you'll have to navigate the seedy underbelly of society from the perspective of a sexy but very vulnerable experience. You'll fuck old men for oodles of money, Rin Tohsaka style, but their money comes at a steep price — you'll have to avoid rape, pregnancy, and venereal disease, as well as balance a precarious budget between food and other necessities, such as condoms and pills.

If you're interested in schoolgirl rape and prostitution with a side of simulation, you can find Dusk Railway here on DLsite for $12,14. For those who must try before they buy, there's a free demo that allows you to play through the first two days of your whorish adventure. If you're still on the fence, here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

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