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MF - Dungeon Masters is currently working on a hypnosis-themed game called MF - Dungeon.

MF - Dungeon puts you in the shoes of Karma, a man with very little in his life going for him until he finds himself able to give hypnotic suggestions to people he encounters. He calls it "mind fucking" and starts out using it for primarily for cash via means of convincing people to give him their money. Later on he starts using his power to convince women to sleep with him when Alter, his alter-ego, convinces him to make his basement into a sex dungeon.

The gameplay is simple. You spend each day using your powers on people to get them to do beneficial things for you. You can only use each psychic ability on an NPC once every day. Fortunately, the power that suggests people give you their money and the power that suggests people forward money to your bank account are two separate skills, allowing you both to be used on an NPC in the same day. However, suggesting that an NPC feel more affectionate towards you and suggesting that that NPC comes back to your room cannot be done in the same day, as both of those are done with the same ability.

The strength of your abilities is based both on your self-worth and in how far you have broken down someone's inhibitions. Willingness to cooperate with a task also affects if you can get them to perform said task. For example, if you can find out what a girls fetish is you can target that fetish specifically and easily make her go along with performing it with you.

If you want to try out MF - Dungeon you can for free from the link here. MF Dungeon Masters also has a Patreon if you wish to follow the development of the game or support the game's development. MF - Dungeon is currently in early development for Windows with zero promises for a Mac OS or Linux version. The game is also currently fairly unpolished and prone to bugs and soft locks.

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