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Puppetmaster is creating 3DX adult games and animations, and is currently working on Brittany Home Alone.

Brittany Home Alone is a 3DX simulation game in which you must get Brittany, the futanari and titular character, to cum. There are different methods of pleasure to try out, such as foreplay, sex toys, and autofellatio. The gameplay involves moving your mouse to fill up Britanny’s pleasure bar.

The game will be full customizable to the player's tastes. You can choose to alter Brittany’s appearance by changing her clothing, accessories, hair color, and even decide if you want her to have balls or not. There are also different camera angles to use along with a free camera that you can move to get just the right angle. There is also cosmetic DLC available for backers on Puppetmaster's Patreon who have pledged either $8 for at least three months, $15 for two months, or $50+ for one month.

In order to be eligible for the full version of Brittany Home Alone, you need to pledge either $8 for a minimum of two months or $15 or more for one month to Puppetmaster's Patreon. By supporting the game on Patreon, you will also have access to Puppetmaster's other works and movies. A VR version of Brittany Home Alone is also in development, with a demo available to patrons pledging $5 or higher.

Brittany Home Alone is being updated often and if you are interested in playing it or helping support its development, consider checking out Puppetmaster's Patreon. There is a demo available for browsers and Android devices for those who want to try it out. You download the demo for Android or play the web version here. You can also check out Puppetmaster’s Tumblr for more stuff.

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