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Winged Cloud, the developer well-known for publishing such OELVNs as Sakura Fantasy, Sakura Dungeon, Sakura Magical Girls, and pretty much every single title on Steam with the word "Sakura" appended to it, has just released its newest title, Sakura Cupid, on Steam.

Sakura Cupid boasts the same well-known art style and visual novel format of most previous Sakura titles from Winged Cloud, though with a cherry red Valentine's twist — you play as Lilim, a lazy, good-for-nothing cupid who gets exiled from Heaven for failing to perform her duties. Befitting her personality, Lilim actually has a blast as an unemployed angel in the mortal world, right up until she abuses her cupid powers and ends up making a human girl, Mitsuki, fall madly in love with her.

Stuck with a literally lovestruck human girl, and being chased by her angel friends and co-workers who've decided she'll do less damage in Heaven, Lilim has to manage her situation as best she can. Then again, her situation involves being surrounded by anime boobies, so it's not exactly unenviable.

Sakura Cupid is available on Steam here for $9.99, with a special 10% off until February 19 — temporarily making the price $8.99. For interested collectors, achievements are already online, and Steam trading cards are on the way.

As with other Winged Cloud titles on Steam, you can expect a very well-polished ecchi visual novel experience, with breasts, kissing, and panty flashing galore. However, if you want more, and by more, I mean actual sex and nudity, Winged Cloud has made a special decensoring patch available on their Patreon, here. As with all Winged Cloud decensoring patches, it's totally free, so have fun.

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