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A four-man team is working on FutadomWorld — Binding Sim, a game set in the 4chan’s world of dominant futas with addictive semen.

FutadomWorld — Binding Sim is an upcoming game set sometime in the future. A new human gender of women with dicks was born through genetic engineering and quickly dominated the society, changing its rules to suit their needs, seating a futanari as the world’s empress, and degrading men into not much more than cockslaves and pets. Helping them to accomplish this is the uncanny addictive quality of a futanari's semen. If a male consumes enough of it, they will become both emotionally and physically addicted to their futa oppressor.

This idea originates from 4chan, where one of the users published a picture describing the states of addiction caused by futa semen consumption. The FutadomWorld Team has built upon this idea like many others before them, though they’re the first to create a game about it. In their vision of the FutadomWorld, the law is enforced by a male-oppressing force of futas, proper education is reserved to dickgirls, and religion is about worshiping a dickgirl goddess that created man for the pleasure of futanaris.

The game is being made by a team of four people. The writing is handled by Sacha J. Witt, who published a novel set in the FutadomWorld called Honeymoon, and Xalimata, who worked hard on creating the FutadomWorld. Art is handled by xxxx52, while programming is done by Doodles.

In FutadomWorld Binding Sim, you play as an average male that just moved into their own apartment in Hermapolis. The game plays like a classic dating sim with management elements, you need to make money in order to raise your stats and buy items, all the while flirting with girls you’re interested in to get their attention. The game’s difficulty comes mostly from time management, as you have to regularly pay two taxes: your house rent, fixed at $400, and a freedom tax equal to $100 (the number of weeks you haven’t been bound to any futa for). For now, it’s not a difficult goal to meet but could spell a game over if you take too long to pick your future owner.

The complete game is planned to feature ten different girls, from the sweetest dickgirls that respect you as a human being, to ones much more indulged in their privilege. The game's main fetish is futa-on-male spiced with femdom, bondage, objectification, mind control, and slavery, in amounts dependent on your chosen dickgirl’s plot.

The latest public release of the game is a rather sizable demo distributed as a donationware. You can pay what you want or download it for free, and eventually come back with your wallet if it satisfies you. You can get it directly from the project’s website. FutadomWorld — Binding Sim is funded mainly through Patreon, so consider supporting the project there. Depending on the size of your donations you can get access to the update posts, early releases, and more.

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