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Shady Corner is creating a variety of different genres of lewd games, from top-down action, to mini-game compilations.

Shady Corner is a group that has set out to create their own lewd games after spending years as fans critiquing them. They're currently working on a slew of different lewd games of various tastes and styles, some of which are planned for release this year.

Heavily inspired by Haunting Starring Polterguy, Flambeau is a top-down action game about possessing objects and setting traps for trick-or-treaters while managing lust. Flambeau is currently scheduled for release this year, with Shady Corner hoping to have it out before the middle of the year.

Okonomiyaki is a more comedic visual novel about a pizza delivery boy that finds himself in another world and is now trying to fuck anthropomorphic pizza girls. This visual novel about pizza girls is currently being polished up and is scheduled for release later this year.

From left to right: Goopflo, Modena, Hula, Pepper Pepperoni, Filata, Butter the Garlicbread, and Sorbet.

LewdWare is a smaller series of lewd mini-games inspired by Nintendo's WarioWare series, a collection of simple mini-games with simple premises and basic gameplay.

You Succ At Rhythm is a rhythm game with ecchi themes. As the name implies, it is about playing for three succubi. The game is very early in production, so don't expect it to be finished soon.

All of these games are being made for Windows PCs, but Shady Corner is looking into making Android versions as well, with no plans for Mac OS or Linux releases.

If you want to support Shady Corner or gain early access to their games, you can support them on Patreon. If you are interested in following Shady Corner, they have an official website and a Twitter.

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