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Developer Indivi Games is creating Rainy Skies, an adult RPG where you try to survive and make your way back home.

The plot of Rainy Skies is simple. You take control of Mabel, the daughter of a merchant family. After waking up in a stasis pod, all of your recent memories just before entering the pod are gone, and all you can remember last is being at home. The only things with you are some credits, some clothes, and Nui, your pet. Soon, you will meet Triss, who lets you know that you are from the "Stratos" level in space, but are currently in the "Tropos" level. While going down levels is easy, getting back up through them is a task nobody knows how to accomplish and since the "Tropos" level is below the "Stratos" level, you'll have to manage to survive for long enough to hopefully find a way to return home.

Created by the same people that made Lust Doll, Rainy Skies has a very similar feel to Lust Doll and if you enjoyed one game, you will probably enjoy the other. Rainy Skies has a more straightforward goal and a defined main character. Mabel starts very sexually reserved and shy, embarrassed to do even the most simple of sexual actions. With new experiences, Mabel will begin to react differently to sexual encounters. Not just in opening up her shell, but negative sexual encounters can cause her to take temporary disgust in sexual actions where she will refuse to participate in them. There is also a toggle for various fetishes as well if some of the fetishes in the game aren't to your taste. There is also an option to disable all sexual content in the game if you for some reason want to play like that.

The game is currently pretty early in development, with the current public build only exploring some of the "Tropos" level, whereas Indivi confirms that the player will "for sure" explore the "Stratos" and "Mesos" levels, but isn't sure if any other levels will be accessible in the final build.

If you're interested in downloading the current Rainy Skies public build, you can download it here for Windows PCs. If you wish to keep up to date on Indivi's releases, they post news and new releases on their Tumblr. If you wish to support the developer they have a Patreon. For any questions you might have on any of Indivi's games, they have a public Discord.

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