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Upstart multimedia pornography development team ManorStories opens their Patreon page.

ManorStories is an indie development collaboration studio composed of three core members: BBC-Chan, a professional pornography illustrator with seven years of experience; Nikita, a professional actress and co-writer; and titular ManorStories, who’s mostly known for translating visual novels. The trio plans to create a vast array of erotic and pornographic content — with the occasional aid of other like-minded artists.

In April of last year, ManorStories made a Kimochi campaign hoping to fund their first erotic visual novel project titled Sylvia. The two-month-long campaign gathered a thousand dollars out of their goal of four thousand. However, the failed Kimochi campaign didn’t end the game’s development, and Sylvia is still the team’s main project. It’s a story about an IT worker in a poor relationship hired by a company working from within a manor. A very short demo for the game featuring half of its first chapter can be found on their website, and a few screenshots from it can be seen below.

The ManorStories team has also begun work on three other projects. Last Resort is a futuristic comic book about an android, made in collaboration with BBC-Chan. Similarly, Gina Matlock, in collaboration with Taboolicious, is working on an illustrated novel Gina’s Reward, which will be exclusive to patrons. Finally, A dear secretary is a series of audio stories in English made in collaboration with Pixie and Milly Stern. A short clip from A dear secretary can be found on the team’s Patreon.

You can find more about the team directly on their Patreon page or on their official website.

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