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Haremon Dev is Creating Haremon

Haremon Dev has released an early alpha build of Haremon, an ecchi turn-based visual novel where you capture and train monster girls to fight for you.

Haremon is an extremely early alpha game with an enticing concept. You get a monster girl (known as a "Harem Monster"), using her to get more monster girls that you use to obtain more monster girls that you will use to fight evil. The game takes place in turns, where your monsters try to rip off the enemy monsters' clothes off so that you can apply L.U.B.E to them to tame them.

Most of the game will take place in a grid system. You have a certain amount of food, which you will use every turn. Your objective is to find the part of the grid that your quest is located in. Every part of the grid will have some kind of event, be it finding new food, items, or just events. Generally, events will take a roulette wheel to determine if you will get the good or bad option from it. For example, you will have to spin to determine if your cat girl will successfully climb up an eggplant tree for food. If she fails, you take another spin to determine if you catch her or not.

The game is still very early in development, so it is currently missing some key features, such as a save system, although Haremon Dev claims that a save system will be added in the next build. They also claim that "Most of the current systems are prototypes and will change a ton in the future," so some gameplay elements like the roulette wheel might not last.

If you're interested in Heremon, you can download it and support the developer at their Patreon.

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