Putting the D in the double D.

The developer known as Sagas is creating older male/younger female 3D modeled visual novels.

Sagas is writing erotic stories involving mature men with younger, legal-aged women. The stories are told as visual novels using 3D modeled artwork. Thus far, Saga's has provided two stories that he is working on: Daughter Saga and Schoolgirl Saga. Both stories will intertwine with each other, with Daughter Saga being the main game of the two. Sagas states that the first game will be fairly linear, but will have choices that will affect the story, whereas later episodes will have more interactive features such as items and unlocking puzzles.

Daughter Saga sees you in the role of an overworked father in a failing marriage. While your wife is cold and distant these days, your college-aged daughter still cares about you. She ends up falling into a cult and it's your job to save your precious daughter before it's too late along with all the lewd, incestuous happenings involved. Schoolgirl Saga sees you in the role of a professor/counselor as you deal with and intervene in the lives of your students and your niece. The cult from Daughter Saga is also involved in the plot of Schoolgirl Saga.

Sagas currently has plans to release the 4 chapters of Daughter Saga as well as Schoolgirl Saga publicly by the follow dates:

  • June 23 - Episode 1
  • July 14 - Episode 2
  • Aug 7 - Schoolgirl Saga
  • Sept 3 - Episode 3
  • Oct 30 - Episode 4

Sagas is also currently working on the engine that he is making these visual novels with. He is creating it from the ground up on it and is looking to open-source it to the community soon. Sagas claims that such an endeavor will take time and will have more bugs, but hopes to have better gameplay features for it.

The public build of the first episode for Daughter Saga can currently be downloaded for Windows or Mac. If you want to see further progress on Daughter Saga, or play the latest build of Schoolgirl Saga, you will have to support Sagas' Patreon, which you can find here.

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