Daddy is coming

A group of Indie developers is working on a superhero-themed hentai crossover titled Girls in The Big City.

TheWorst is an artist specialized in 2D art and animation. Together with the help of Xela, a programmer, and DarkTI, a game designer, they work on creating hentai games with the hopes of raising the standards of quality on the market. Their earlier works include the now-indefinitely postponed Babe Runner, and in case of Xela and DarkTI, Pytfall.

Their newest game is Girls in The Big City. In it, you take control of various characters stuck in an alternate reality searching for their way out. The cast includes Hunter Zolomon, Wonder Woman, Raven, and April Harriet O'Neil, among others. They ended up in the alternate dimension for various reasons but always find themselves with heavily weakened superpowers, as heroes and villains don’t exist in this world.

The cast has only one way out they can count on: a legendary artifact of a lust goddess, which has been split into three parts and could potentially have the power needed to transport them between dimensions. As it turns out, the world they now inhabit used to have magic, and Zolomon managed to track down a witch who gladly helps them out with their issue.

During gameplay, the player can assume control of various characters from the cast. Currently, the game supports mainly Wonder Woman and Zolomon, but Raven and April get their moments as well. The gameplay is highly varied, featuring elements of a collectible card game, a turn-based combat system, and plenty of one-off minigames portraying various challenges the characters have to face.

There's a robust demo available for Girls in The Big City on the Patreon pages of the game’s developers: TheWorst, Xela, and DarkTI. You can also support the project by donating to any one of them. In exchange, you will be given thanks in the game’s credits and get access to early test builds, assuming your pledge is large enough.

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