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Winning Putt Goes Toppless Through Mods

Felldude creates a topless mod for the online golfing RPG Winning Putt.

Winning Putt is an online golf RPG made by Webzen and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. In the game players play golf as their highly customizable characters. The game has ten courses available, and a twist in the form of RPG mechanics. Players gain exp for everything they do, they can change their equipment as they level up, and even enchant their golf clubs. The goal is to just get better, and maybe win in some tournaments.

A nude mod for the game was largely requested for some time. A user of the Undertow forums nicknamed Felldude has finally obliged. Felldude has discovered that a topless texture already exists in the game’s files, and managed to find a way to load it in.

The mod won’t work if the character is wearing a costume. To fix this, the mod user will have to remove or transfer certain .pak files from their game folder, according to Felldude’s instructions:

If you wish to remove all costumes, move the following pak files from the winning putt/game folder to another location.











You can download the mod from its topic at There’s no full nude mod of the game yet, but Felldude does claim that someone can just hand paint a texture and make it work.

If you haven’t heard of Winning Putt before and are interested in learning more or trying out the game, you can do so on Steam or directly from the game’s site.

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