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MangaGamer has released Lunasoft's fantasy RPG eroge, The Spirit Master of Retarnia -Conqueror of the Labyrinth-, on their distribution platform.

Western eroge publisher and localizer MangaGamer has released Lunasoft's RPG, The Spirit Master of Retarnia -Conqueror of the Labyrinth- ,on their storefront. At its core, a fantasy RPG with 3D dungeons, The Spirit Master of Retarnia tasks the player in joining the titular Spirit Master in saving the mortal realm from the Demon World, accompanied by five heroines equipped with unique and helpful abilities.

Our story begins in the Kingdom of Retarnia, a country that has been at peace for five hundred years. However, portals to the Demon World have suddenly opened up, and the vile monsters which lie beyond it are determined to invade and take over the kingdom.

Five hundred years earlier, a certain hero known as the “Spirit Master of Retarnia” averted a similar crisis when he led five spirits—The White Spirit Norn, the Red Spirit Vesta, The Blue Spirit Rusalka, The Green Spirit Melissa, and The Black Spirit Iris—to battle against the demons and seal the portals to their world.

At the request of Queen Sylvia, Leonard, a descendant of the Spirit Master, stepped forth across the portal into the Demon World to save the kingdom...

The game features classic 3D RPG dungeons, five fully customizable heroines, a random loot system, powerful rare artifacts for each of your playable characters and plenty of sex scenes featuring multiple different fetishes in various locales. For more information about the game's characters and a few sample screenshots, look no further than just below.


White Spirit Norn

The pristine, graceful White Spirit.

With a kind and diligent personality, she faithfully serves her master, Leonard.

Skilled with a sword and shield, she stands in the vanguard to stop enemy attacks and serves to protect her allies.

Red Spirit Vesta

The lively, energetic Red Spirit.

She has a very cheerful personality, and treats the relationship between herself and Leonard as one between friends instead of master and servant.

Skilled with two-handed swords, she cuts down her enemies at close range and takes on an offensive role during combat.

Blue Spirit Rusalka

The composed, wise Blue Spirit

Although she does not say much with her taciturn personality, she gives fitting advice to Leonard at important times.

Skilled with support magic, she serves to impede the enemy and strengthen her allies during battle.

Green Spirit Melissa

The pure, innocent Green Spirit.

With her petite appearance and her innocent personality, she is something akin to a little sister to Leonard and the other spirits.

Skilled with healing magic, she serves to heal her wounded allies during battle.

Additionally, since she has much more strength than her appearance suggests, she can serve on the front line depending on her equipment.

Black Spirit Eris

The carefree Black Spirit.

After the battle against the Demon King “Belial” five hundred years ago, she went missing and no one has heard from her since.

Skilled with offensive magic, she serves as heavy firepower to exterminate enemies during battle.


Queen of Retarnia.

Although she’s too young to be called the queen, she governs the kingdom following the death of the king.

With her tomboyish and unprecedented personality, many are concerned that her conduct is ill-befitting of royalty.

However, she is a wise ruler who puts her subject’s safety and the peace of the kingdom at the forefront. Sylvia doesn’t mind dirty jokes, and is prone to saying indecent things without a shred of shame.


Sylvia’s personal aid, who managed to reach the highest level of authority in the kingdom at a young age.

Despite her shy personality, she is a well-versed scholar and knowledgeable in various fields such as history, politics, magic, and more.

Sara is highly valued for her abilities, but is often led around by the nose all day and night by the unabashed Sylvia.


You can now purchase the downloadable PC version of The Spirit Master of Retarnia -Conqueror of the Labyrinth- on MangaGamer for $19.95. This version of the game includes uncensored CGs and partial voice acting.

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