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Fan translation group HYBRID Translations has released a full translation patch for Ninetails' strategy nukige Venus Blood -Chimera-.

After almost a year of hard graft, HYBRID Translations has released the full translation patch for Ninetails' nukige visual novel and strategy game hybrid, Venus Blood -Chimera-. The game was originally released in late 2008 in Japan and is a part of a long-running series of visual novel nukiges that combine a fantasy setting, RPG elements, and strategic combat gameplay into a single, comprehensive whole.

Venus Blood -Chimera- is the second entry in the Venus Blood series and follows the story of three princesses trying to take back their lost empire from a conquering demon army. As they prepare themselves to become sacrifices to the powerful demons, they also secretly prepare a weapon that may turn the tides of conflict, but at a very high price.

Venus Blood -Chimera-, similarly to the first Venus Blood title, is a visual novel with simple strategy elements set in a high fantasy setting. Since the title is a nukige, sexual elements are prevalent and a big focus is put on scenes with tentacle rape, gang rape, and many other forms bodily violation.

Be sure to check out a few screenshots from the fan translated and uncensored version of the game below.

The full Venus Blood -Chimera- fan translation patch contains a few additional features added by HYBRID Translations for the explicit enjoyment of the players, which, among other things, include uncensored CGs.

Additional Features


I've added a few extra features, which can be enabled through the "Reading Settings" menu.

1) Uncensor CG:

This only works when the image gets switched. If you change the setting in the middle of a scene, you will see the effect only when the image changes. The first few scenes are uncensored for everyone, but most uncensored images are only available to patrons as a thanks. Please consider supporting me if you like the translation!

2) Translate Laughter:

With this you can switch laughter beween English (hahaha, hehe) and Japanese (kukuku, fufufu). Couldn't decide which was better - so pick whichever you prefer.

3) Show Choice Effects:

This will show the effect of a choice next to it. Usually, you only get a small hint icon in the corner of the screen AFTER selecting a choice. I found this very annoying when having scene skipping enabled. On the other hand, if it is your first time playing the game, you may want to keep the effects hidden to decide on your own, so this one is opt-in. Also, sometimes even the "useless" choices add interesting bits to the story. Try picking them at some point, so I didn't translate them for nothing. ^_^

4) Show Scene Titles:

Each Scene has a title, but originally it only gets displayed in the save and load menus. If you activate this option, it will be displayed at the beginning of each scene. the beginning of each scene.

The HYBRID Translations patch exists in two versions. The first one removes mosaic censorship from the few first CGs in the game and leaves the rest in their original censored state, whereas the other one, only available to patrons of the fan translation group, removes the mosaic censorship from every scene. You can now download either of the patches, installation instruction included, from HYBRID Translations' Patreon site.

The original Japanese PC version of Venus Blood -Chimera- can be purchased on the Japanese version of DLsite for 4,104 yen (around $37).

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