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Development circle AlexProject has released Devil Rhythm -Silver Phantom-, a 2D side-scrolling brawler, on DLsite.

Devil Rhythm -Silver Phantom- tells the story of Mia. Aris, a woman who returned to her inherited castle, only to find it — as well as the surrounding area— overrun by monsters. She now has to regain her possessions by destroying the invaders. Along the way, she might even find out more about the history of her bloodline.

Devil Rhythm - Silver Phantom- is a side-scrolling brawler. The player has a choice of four weapons: a balanced sword, a life-stealing spear, a powerful axe, and a far-reaching scythe. Each comes with a basic attack and a mana-consuming special move. Additionally, Mia. Aris can transform into a demon, granting her more offensive capabilities and the ability to fly.

The title features maze-like, sidescrolling maps. The player will wander around them searching for a way to the level’s boss. Getting hit by an obstacle or a monster will deplete the player's health, though, in the case of the monsters, it can also result in a simple rape animation. As she receives damage, Mia. Aris will become partially nude. Below are some sample screenshots from the game:

You can buy Devil Rhythm -Silver Phantom- on DLsite for $11.67 or 240 points. There is also a demo available on the same page, containing the game's first level.

The game is AlexProject's second title. Their first title was a stealth game named FEJ Code, in which you sneaked around trying to steal a painting containing clues about a treasure. You can find out more about it here.

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