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Sun-Riviera Studios' Dawn Drop Radiant Beginnings Now on Kickstarter

Indie dev team Sun-Rivera Studios attempts to fund their visual novel Dawn Drop Radiant Beginnings for a third, and final, time.

Dawn Drop Radiant Beginnings is a visual novel set in a near future where humans invented special tools increasing their physical abilities, as well as granting them special skills — like underwater breathing. Said items called e-equips require expertise to use safely and properly, hence the UN created five special academies dedicated to teaching the proper use of e-equips. The game’s story takes place in the most prestigious of these academies, Glenais University, where young Dimitri Sol hopes to gain his license. There he will also meet a varied cast of girls, as well as other fellow students.

Dawn Drop Radian Beginnings is meant to be an entry title for a larger Dawn Drop series. The game's story will be fully realized on its own and will include elements of a mystery centered around Dimitri’s feeling of inner void, and unknown e-quip bracelets left to him by his father. There will also be some sports themes in form of the hyperball, an evolved type of soccer with parkour elements and allowed use of e-quips.

Dawn Drop Radiant Beginnings is Sun-Riviera Studios’ third and final attempt at crowdfunding a Dawn Drop game, with the first two failing to meet the goal. Changes between the attempts haven’t been severe, though the project has dropped its all ages label — with promises to include nudity and sexual themes later in its story. The game’s basic funding is supposed to pay for creating the main, common story route. There are plans for future girl-specific storylines to be added as free DLC.

You can get a demo of the game directly from its Kickstarter page. It is somewhat lengthy, introducing the reader to Dimitri, the school, and a few girls. Donating $15 or more to the project will get you a digital copy of the game once it’s complete. Higher tiers offer artbooks, wallpapers, the OST, and at $60, access to the beta builds of the game. The devs have also listed a few stretch goals including full voice acting at $10,700, additional CGs at $12,700, and backer voted route creation for every $2,500 after the first two have been met.

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