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Push Publication Crowdfunding Samurai-Themed Light Novel Noble Love

Push Publications is looking to crowdfund the release of their newest light novel, Noble Love.

Push Publication, the publisher who recently released the When Days Rewind series, is now looking to fund another new novel, Noble Love. This title is written by Kishou (Tears of Yggdrasil) and illustrated by 雪代あるて. It's a samurai-themed light novel with vanilla adult content. The final product is planned to be over 230 pages long, with 12 full-color illustrations. A preview of the first chapter can be found here.

After the death of his father, who was a highly respected Samurai Special Force officer, Aoi, young and sharp of wit, joins the force himself to continue his father’s legacy. He was quickly recruited by the Special Forces after his extraordinary performance at his university. Once there, he was put under the charge of Sakura, a prodigal samurai with a long and glorious family lineage. She is tasked with teaching Aoi the true way of the samurai. As a result of this, they spend a lot of time together and start to develop all sorts of new feelings for each other.

It isn’t long before they fall in love. Samurai are forbidden from having relationships with each other, however, so they both decide to keep their relationship a secret, lest they will be marked as Ronin, samurai who have lost their way and serve without a master. How do they convince society that it’s okay? Can they find the true happiness they seek with each other? As new threats rise in the city, they find themselves in middle of an upcoming long and intense battle. Find out more as they overcome these obstacles and fight back against the rising terror in their city.

The goal of this campaign is $17,000, and it's already a third of the way there. If funding exceeds the initial goal, Push Publication has some additional milestones to meet. At $20,000, a four-page manga will be included with the novel. At $22,000, Noble Love will get an extra chapter. Finally, at $25,000, that extra chapter will receive 2 additional illustrations to accompany it.

For those who choose to back the campaign, they can expect a variety of rewards. In addition to the novel itself, backers can look forward to receiving items such as posters, postcards, tapestries. Higher tier backers can get a personal short story written that's based on the Noble Love universe and even a signed, personalized piece of art. Keep in mind that the higher tier items are first-come, first-serve. Some samples of the posters and tapestries can be seen below.

At the time of writing, the Noble Love campaign has 28 days left to reach its goal. You can visit the Kickstarter page if you want further details or if you'd like to support the campaign. If you'd like to check more from this Push Publication, you can visit their Twitter, Facebook, and official website. You can also speak to them directly in their Discord server.

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