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Sorcery Jokers Now Available on MangaGamer and Steam

3rdEye's visual novel, Sorcery Jokers has just been released on MangaGamer and Steam.

Last weekend, MangaGamer released Sorcery Jokers. This title represents the first time that Japanese developer, 3rdEye, has released an English language title in the west. The story focuses on romance, battles, suspense, and drama in a world where magic is commonplace. More on the story and characters can be found below.


An anonymous inhabitant of the city’s nightlife

Occupation: OutCast

A mysterious young man who operates near the entertainment district. He has many casual acquaintances and could be called sociable. When he finds time, he attempts to solve extremely difficult ring puzzles, and has a habit of only looking at things from a logical point of view.

Ageha, an information broker, values his skills as a mage and sometimes has him take care of not-so-legal troubles.

He has something of an elusive air, as he pays no attention to matters that don’t interest him and is always extremely frank. When he judges something to be worthwhile, however, he’ll show unusual tenacity and decisiveness in pursuing it.

”I don’t imagine I’ll be able to make anything of that.”

Mutsumi Haruto

Slightly half-baked, a boy who can’t turn a blind eye to wrongdoing

Occupation: Student (First National School for Higher Magic Education, 9th Class, Caster)

A mage in his second year at the Academy. He’s cheerful, upbeat, and honest, so people tend to like him, even if he can be a bit oblivious at times. He has a strong sense of justice and he can’t walk away when he sees someone doing something wrong.

He gets involved in incidents most often when it looks like people are going to get hurt, which gets him in trouble with his father Yuuji, a detective.

Since they lost their mother early in life, he and his sister split the housework. His best dish is omelette rice, and he always writes the recipient’s name on it.

”That’s not right. It’s not playing fair.”

Rikudou Asahi

A unique girl facing trials on her way to the Land of Dreams

Occupation: Student (First National School for Higher Magic Education, 9th Class, Caster)

A mage who attends the Academy.

In contrast to her young appearance, she has a dynamism and decisiveness to put the average adult to shame. She’s well-known at the Academy for causing commotions. She has her own set of values and is treated as an oddball by those around her for it, but that doesn’t bother her at all. Because of her cute appearance and odd behavior, she’s got a cult following among the boys of the Academy. She’s a strong person who never doubts herself, but she’s also got an unusually pure heart, and sometimes misses her family, whom she can no longer see.

She believes in the existence of a ”Land of Dreams” and has made reaching it her ultimate goal. She believes that trials she must overcome to reach this land are recorded in the diary she’s always carrying around.

”I won’t be asking you for help. These are my trials, after all.”

Atori Riku

The daughter of a huge company’s CEO, who’s not quite on the same wavelength as others her age

Occupation: Student (First National School for Higher Magic Education, 10th Class, Caster)

The daughter of Atori, the company that manufactures Magi-related goods. She’s a tester of the products Atori develops, specifically of first-rate goods. Since she’s been continually surrounded by adults from a young age, she doesn’t have much in common with other teenagers and her tastes are like those of an old man.

She doesn’t let anything bother her and she has a tendency to be logical about things, so she’s more composed than Haruto even though he’s older than her.

She doesn’t have any friends at the Academy, but she’s casual with the people she’s close to. Of course, that’s pretty much just one person: Akeno, an employee at Atori.

”Well, if they don’t need to do anything, that’s probably for the best.”

Kousaki Fiona Annabel

The moral center of the local church, her smile never goes out

Occupation: Apprentice Sister

A sister with a beautiful smile who works at the church.

She’s meek and cheerful and works hard. She takes care of all of the clerical work by herself and is always busy with something or other. Not only do all the parishioners love her, she’s on good terms with the vigilantes who hang around the church too.

Father Gaimon appreciates the natural, calming effect she has on her surroundings, but she can also be a little immature at times. The melancholic smiles she sometimes lets slip have stolen many a heart. She’s fond of sweet things and cats (particularly their paw pads).

”Let’s do our best again today!”


A girl spotted on Agartha

Occupation: Unknown

A supernatural phenomenon that’s constantly the topic of discussion on occult message boards. Since she only appears during the frequent power outages, there are rumors that she’s the vengeful spirit of someone who was electrocuted on a power line, but no one knows the real truth. She isn’t something just based on mere rumor; more photographical proof and witness testimonies lending credence to her existence are surfacing every day.


Sorcery Jokers is available now on MangaGamer and Steam for Windows platforms. The original price is $39.99 on both sites, but it can be purchased for $35.99 on Steam until January 19th and $35.95 on MangaGamer during the launch window. There is an adult patch available here) if you’d like to lewd up your “all ages” Steam copy. Sorcery Jokers is completely uncensored, free of any mosaics.

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