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1/6 Figure of Yuu from Hatsukoi Ribbon Is Now Open for Pre-Order on J-List

J-List has just opened pre-orders for a 1/6 scale figure of henreader’s character Yuu from Hatsukoi Ribbon.

Today, we’ve got something very special for fans of lolicon artist henreader. Based off an illustration from the doujin, Hatsukoi Ribbon, Orchid Seed presents a 1/6 scale figure of Yuu. She’s wearing an itty bitty bikini with a kinky cat tail and an adorable cat ear headband. This tiny temptress is waiting patiently atop a bar stool while casting come hither eyes.

Orchid Seed is well known for releasing some of the lewdest figures around, and the company has certainly given Yuu the same level of attention that was afforded to its other creations. Every last detail of the original art was captured in perfectly this piece. Yuu sits at roughly 25cm (9.8in) in height with her stool. According to Orchid Seed’s official website, she comes with two types of bikini top which can be removed at the owner’s discretion.

From the popular eromanga Hatsukoi Ribbon by henreader and Wani Magazine comes this awesome sexy figure of Yuu, the cute imouto dressed in cat ears and tail from Imouto Control chapter. Her sexy bikini and cute pose is a great contrast, and the figure is beautifully sculpted to capture Yuu’s irresistible charm. An amazing sexy figure by OrchidSeed.

Yuu is currently available for pre-order on J-List. This cutie is listed there for $168 but comes with a 10% pre-order discount. She is scheduled to release September 2018. You can also check out Orchid Seed’s other figures on J-List, or take a look at some of the ones we’ve featured in the past.

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