Fapping is more than just a game

Rogue Games’ Cosmic Shock League, a PvP/PvE match-3 battle puzzler, is being funded on Kimochi.

Cosmic Shock League is a sci-fi puzzler where you can battle other players online in a match-3 game, attacking your opponent’s health bar by matching tiles and executing special attacks. You can also compete in global competitions to battle against players worldwide. Additionally, card collecting plays a big role in the game. There are numerous girls to collect and each girl has different abilities. Experiment with each girl, find new combinations and adjust your collection to fit your play style. The more you use a specific girl, the more intimate you can be with her.

Rogue Games’ funding goal for the title is $5,000. As of this article’s writing, the campaign has earned $1,425.47 for the development of Cosmic Shock League. The Kimochi campaign for Cosmic Shock League lasts until March 12, 2018.

The game follows the adventures of a late-20th-century Shock League Champion, after being cryogenically frozen for thousands of years, finds himself reanimated on board an interstellar cruiser (Futurama meets porno Demolition Man!). He is tasked with filling in the blanks for each Cosmic Shock Girl, on the classic female persona she’s built her life and combat style around. Lots of fun and frolics ensue… with our hero using his knowledge of the past to charm the knickers off his charges and defeat his old foes from the past!

The player faces the opponent’s board and attacks by matching tiles and strategically deploying the unique special attacks of their Heroes. The goal is to reduce opponent’s life to 0 before they reduce yours. By matching and creating combos, the players will fill the Cosmic Shock Girls attack meters, which in turn, allows them to activate their powerful abilities.

If you are interested in checking out Cosmic Shock League, you can fund the title on Rogue Games’ Kimochi page.

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