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LewdGamer Comiket 93 Day 1 Cosplay Picks

Comiket 93, the biggest doujinshi festival in Japan, is well underway. With the new Comic Market also comes some excellent and sexy cosplay. Take a look at some of LewdGamer’s picks from the first day of the event.

Hundreds of dedicated cosplayers have once again shown up for the biannual event to show off and amaze bystanders and other Comiket 93 attendees. LewdGamer has been paying close attention to the massive flood of cosplay photos people have been posting for over a day now. We picked some of our favorites based on overall sexiness and attention to detail, and now we would like to share them with you, our dear readers.

Unsurprisingly, you will find characters portrayed from all walks of media: manga, anime, Western comic books, videos games and even celebrities. You name it, and it’s probably represented at Comiket in some way. We hope you will enjoy all of these as much as we did and ogle them to your heart’s content.

As you clearly saw, the level of cosplay is once again really high and we hope the cosplayers up the ante for the remaining two days. If you’re interested what people are talking about in regards to Comiket, check out the #C93  and #C93コスプレ (for cosplay) hashtags on Twitter. Be also sure to tell us about your favorite cosplays in the comments section. Go wild!

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