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Milky Boobs Now Available on Steam Early Access

Drunken Apes brings wet and wild action to Steam Early Access with the release of their new first-person shooter, Milky Boobs.

This past week a unique shooter popped onto the Steam Store in Early Access, Milky Boobs.  The game is simple. You’re at a resort where the female guests are so hot, they are on fire. Now you must cool them down with soothing sprays from your handy milk gun.



The summer has come and what could be better than to relax at the beach and watch some gorgeous ladies having fun.


Maybe it was the sun, maybe it was because of too many Mojitos on the beach, maybe it was out of feminism, but suddenly all the beautiful girls went crazy and got too hot!

Now, there is only one thing that can cool them down!


Good thing that you always have your milk-blaster with you and are ready to rescue humanity by cooling down some hot babes!


Because life doesn’t get better than this!


SO what’s gonna happen, you ask? On your quest to wet the babes you should be prepared for the following:

🔸 protect the beach babes from overheating

🔸 take a cooling break at the beach or the booby resort

🔸 refresh more booby babes than you could even dream of

🔸 But most importantly: MILK THEM ALL!

The developer, Drunken Apes, hopes to take feedback while the game is in Early Access and then improve the game based on player requests. As of this time, Milky Boobs is expected to have a full release in as little as 6 months. The current build features two playable levels.

Milky Boobs is currently on Steam for $4.49 with its 10% launch discount. After December 26th, it will return to its full $4.99 price. There may also be a possible price increase when the game has a full launch. The game is currently available for Windows platforms.

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