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FAKKU Launches Their Own Game Distribution Platform

Erotic manga and anime publisher FAKKU has announced the launch of their game distribution platform and their partnership with popular Japanese eroge developer Illusion.

Biggest official Western erotic manga publisher FAKKU has just announced their newest venture in the form of a new personalized storefront for erotic games created by international developers. FAKKU will also be assuming duties as a publisher after establishing a partnership with Japanese developer Illusion.

You can read FAKKU’s full press release about the store and their newest partnership below.


Portland, Oregon

December 22, 2017

FAKKU, LLC (FAKKU), the largest English hentai publisher in the world, announces the immediate launch of their game distribution platform and publishing line.

Launch partners for the new service include every major adult Japanese game publisher with activity in the United States, including: JAST, MANGAGAMER, NEKO WORKS, DENPASOFT, and several smaller publishers and developers from around the world.

FAKKU President Jacob Grady said, “With the current climate of censorship on game distribution platforms, releasing games with mature content has become increasingly difficult.” He continued “We are taking the initiative to provide publishers and developers a platform with which to safely publish their work.”

FAKKU plans to make games available to users through their website and planned desktop client. All games included at launch are provided DRM-free and physical editions will be available when possible. Digital editions of all launch titles are available immediately.

FAKKU subscribers get a permanent 10% off all games made available on FAKKU.

In addition to distributing games from the aforementioned partners, FAKKU is proud to announce the start of its own publishing line. The first launch partner under this line is legendary Japanese game developer ILLUSION, developer of Artificial Academy, Honey Select, VR Kanojo, and many other noteworthy titles.

From the staff at Illusion: “We are thrilled that Illusion will be working together with FAKKU to bring our titles overseas. It makes us happy to know that Illusion fans will be playing international versions of our games. We’d truly like to thank FAKKU, who have agreed to help us release these international versions, along with all of the overseas fans who have been eagerly awaiting international Illusion games! We look forward to your continued support.”


Founded in 2006, FAKKU is the largest English hentai publisher in the world. FAKKU currently publishes seven of Japan’s leading eromanga magazines digitally through its partnerships with WANIMAGAZINE, Co., Ltd., Bundendo Corp, and Akaneshinsha Co., Ltd. Earlier this year FAKKU acquired hentai anime brand KITTY MEDIA, officially adding anime to FAKKU.

FAKKU’s Jacob Grady has also issued an official statement on the platform’s forum, clarifying what kind of games will be allowed on their platform, who their current partners are, their future plans as well as the games that are already available in their store.

With the current climate of censorship on game distribution platforms, releasing games with mature content has become increasingly difficult. At FAKKU we stand against all forms of censorship and are taking the initiative to provide publishers and developers a platform with which to safely publish their work.

However, we will not be working with just anyone. FAKKU will be manually curating all games released on our platform. There will be a zero tolerance policy in place towards developers that make use of stolen art, flipped assets, or use machine translation in their games. We believe that keeping a consistent high quality level across everything we do is one of the most important things about FAKKU, so that belief will be extended to the games, as well.

In the coming months we’ll be adding more games to FAKKU from these publishers and developers. Furthermore, expect to see announcements of additional partners to our line up, as well as some special announcements about things we are publishing on our own.

LewdGamer has managed to catch up with FAKKU’s President Jacob Grady and ask him a few questions regarding their newly established storefront, as well as the partnership with Illusion. What follows are the most important clarifications we have received from him.

Grady first and foremost explained to us that they will allow games with any kind of sexual content on their store, without any alternations to them on their part. Additionally, as FAKKU is a website available worldwide, some content that would normally be illegal to users from certain countries on it will require a login. Currently, the storefront is only available in English and its core functionality is complete, with minor tweaks to the workings being implemented at the moment of this article’s writing.

Regarding FAKKU’s partnership with Illusion – FAKKU will be working closely with Illusion to create fully uncensored English-language versions of their games. As Illusion’s library of games is quite extensive, we asked Grady which specific titles they will be translating and publishing first, but this is something he could not reveal at this moment.

FAKKU’s game store can be accessed here and is already filled with some of the most popular and highly-acclaimed visual novel titles.

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