Putting the D in the double D.

Rootnuko INC. brings their award-winning eroge visual novel Tenioha! Girls Can Be Pervy Too! to Nutaku.

Tenioha! Girls Can Be Pervy Too! is a heavily sex-oriented visual novel created by rootnuko INC. The story plays out from the perspective of Hiroto Izumi, who’s tricked into joining the Intellectual Culture Research Club, where people essentially don’t do anything, but the sexual tensions are high.

Tenioha! Girls Can Be Pervy Too! focuses on pushing the protagonist into new sexual encounters. The game features three main girls physically differentiated by their size in terms of height and chest volume, and two less prominent characters including a trap. There’s over 50 hentai CGs, and clearing the game unlocks a hentai CG editor with access to the game’s assets. Back in 2012, when the game was released in Japan, it received the grand prize in the Eroge (pink) category from Moe Game Awards.

Below you can read the game’s official description from the Nutaku store page, and see some sample CGs:

About Girls Can Be Pervy Too!

“Hey, … eum, so … would you try to do … some sensual things … with me? … a lot?” Yes, she, Ami Himekawa who is but a classmate, just asked me so.

Let’s do lots of sexy, filthy things together♪

Having no experience to speak of towards eroticism, both the protagonist and the heroines are all the more intrigued towards it. With such an intense common curiosity as a spark, they become sex friends in order to sublime each other’s curiosity and delusion while trying out various erotic games.

There are 3 heroines to be ‘conquered’.

Both a classmate and a female friend from middle school; 姫川絢美(Ami Himekawa) A year above senior and glamorous beauty; 響七瀬(Nanase Hibiki) A year below junior and a blond loli beauty; 楠木末梨(Matsuri Kusunoki)

With such female friends, unfold your erotic desires. Do enjoy plentiful of sex with the cute and pervy heroines!

Key Game Features

●78 CGs included, more than 90% are HCG and more than 50 are actual sex scenes! ●A wide variety of fetishes is also included. ●Winner of the Moe Game Awards 2012 Grand Prize (Erotic Contents Award PINK)! ●A one-handed play-ability feature “Finish Countdown” which enables the player to know slightly in advance when the character is about to cum. ●After completing the game, “H-Scene Creation Mode” will be unlocked. It allows the user to create its own sex scenes including the music, art choice, sound effects, and more!

You can try out Tenioha! Girls Can Be Pervy Too! for free with the trial version available on the game’s promotional page . The full version is available for purchase for $45 or 4500 Gold on the game’s store page.

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