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The character DLC, featuring Grozdana and Elizabeth, and soundtrack for Mutiny!! have been released on MangaGamer.

The DLC and OST of Studio Lupiesoft’s treasure hunting visual novel Mutiny!! are now available on MangaGamer.

Mutiny!! is a futanari-filled eroge that focuses on Grace Barnet, a prostitute turned ship captain, and her crew as they hunt for treasure to pay off their ship’s debt. During their voyages, Grace will grow intimate with her crew members and play peacekeeper or else she’ll have a mutiny on her hands.

The DLC contains the character stories for Grozdana Kakra, the sphinx futa, and Elizabeth Margaret, the moth girl. In the main game, you were unable of making one of them your first mate and go down their routes.

The soundtrack includes twelve music files in .ogg format.

Elizabeth Margaret

This route brings you another new choice for First Mate: The bustling and busy moth, Elizabeth Margaret! As with the other first mates, giving her the job can lead the two of you into a dramatic relationship, and as you learn about her and what she wants out of life… well, she may be the type to avoid conflict, and to warn you she has a bit of a sharp edge

Grozdana Kakra

In this route, you can choose the languid Sphinx, Grozdana Kakra for your new First Mate. Doing so will lead the two of you into a romance of (incompetent) royal proportions, and as you learn more about her she’ll surprise you with secrets, and impress you with her hidden depths (in more ways than one, of course).

Mutiny!!‘s DLC and OST are on sale at MangaGamer for $8.76 with an original price of $10.95 and the base game costs $19.95.

You can also purchase the base game , Elizabeth’s route , Grozdana’s route , and the soundtrack for Mutiny!! on Steam.

Still curious about the game? Check out our review of Mutiny!!, excluding the bonus routes.

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