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MangaGamer teams up with light to release Dies irae DX, the first-ever complete edition of this epic visual novel.

After successful Kickstarter, subsequent game release and finally the addition of adult content, Dies irae is finally complete. The next logical step would be to release it on a storefront where it can be sold in its completed glory, and that’s exactly what happened. MangaGamer has just released Dies irae DX, the first ever complete edition.

Unlike on Steam, where the title is split into two parts and doesn’t include the adult patch, Dies irae DX will offer players the entire game and the steamy adult section, ~Acta est Fabula~, all in one package.

Dies irae, the one-of-a-kind urban fantasy battle opera is coming to MangaGamer! Check out the original Visual Novel from Light that started the anime!

The foundation of this story is laid in the climax of WW2-era Germany, but the true design doesn’t come to light until six decades later in modern-day Japan. Monstrous beings known as the Longinus Dreizehn Orden have far transcended the limits of humanity. The very fate of the cosmos, the very Throne of God is laid bare and ready to be seized!

This brand new, deluxe edition offered exclusively by MangaGamer contains both the all-ages version and the uncensored adult version of this epic tale! You can’t get the full version anywhere else, so order now before January 3rd and get the collection for 15% off!

The Deluxe Edition contains the full story from start to finish; no separate DLC downloads required.

Dies irae DX is available now for Windows platforms on MangaGamer. It’s normally $39.95, but will cost $33.95 through January 3rd, with a 15% launch discount. This title is DRM free and completely uncensored.

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