Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

H2 Interactive has announced that D3 Publisher’s fantasy-themed shooter, Bullet Girls Phantasia, will receive an uncensored English release.

Bullet Girls Phantasia is the third entry in the Bullet Girls series. The games focus on schoolgirls, boobs, panty shots, guns, and tanks, with Phantasia adding swords and magic to the mix. This newest release takes an isekai twist, with girls from “The Ranger Club,” a school club about guns and military tactics, being transported into a fantasy land at war. Using their modern military arsenal, as well as the magic wonders of the fantasy universe, the girls will take part in battling legions of orcs commanded by an ancient dragon.

Though Bullet Girls Phantasia was originally announced for a Japan-only 2018 release, it did feature an English language trailer. That tease has at last bore fruits, as H2 Interactive has announced a localized English release of the game, planned for spring of 2018. Additionally, they have promised that the localized version of Bullet Girls Phantasia won’t feature any changes or cuts to its content.

Bullet Girls Phantasia is currently slated for spring 2018 in the Asia region. Wasting no time, PLAY-ASIA has already launched pre-orders for the game. So far, it is available only for PS4 and PSVita, with both pre-orders priced at $55.99. Currently, there has been no confirmation whether the game will release on other platforms. If you need more info on Bullet Girls Phantasia, you can read more about the game’s features here.

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