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Peachaboo Looking to Put a Spin on Adult Games with "Sexy Exile"

Peachaboo is creating something new in the world of adult dating sims with Sexy Exile.

Peachaboo is a team of two independent developers that are looking to develop adult games outside of your typical visual novels and RPGs. In their attempt at this endeavor, the team has begun work on Sexy Exile, a dating sim that melds various genres to create its own unique style.

You are quite a popular – and particularly handsome – inhabitant of paradise, where you lead the life of a king. Still, eternity is such a long time, even when you’ve got it all…or do you?

Well, maybe there is one little thing missing: lately the worldly pleasures of the flesh had become increasingly tempting to you – despite not exactly being a divine trait. Maybe you shouldn’t have picked the bosses favorite angel though…

No wonder the old man exiles you to earth right away. He commands you to “purify” the evil seductresses his demonic foe sends there in order to corrupt mankind and turn pleasure into torture. Granted, that’s a dangerous task, but at least you kind of get what you wanted. And in the meantime, shouldn’t you be allowed to practice a little?

Maybe this isn’t so bad after all…

Once development is complete, Sexy Exile will be a combination of various genres. The Date Mode combines elements of board games and card games, as players get acquainted with the girls and follow their stories. The X Mode features animated sex scenes in which the player must collect hearts in a minigame akin to Flappy Bird. In the future, Peachaboo plans to expand the game further by adding other girls and features.

Other features and content (long-term):

  • The goal is to have 3-4 girls in the “finished” Game (v1.0.0) and then add more on a regular basis afterwards, ranging from the girl next door through fantasy characters to dangerously sexy demon ladies. We’d love to do all kinds of crazy specials later, too!
  • Undress the girls and collect naughty polaroid photos and sexy stickers of each girl for your album – plus rare special souvenirs!
  • Gain XP and level up to increase character stats like stamina, charisma and dexterity that will help you in dates and in bed
  • Periodically occurring special events and mini quests

Peachaboo plans to have the Date Mode implemented by the second half of 2018. The developer wants to make sure it’s both complex and fun. The addition of more girls, as well as a save and login system, are planned beyond that point. Sexy Exile’s prologue is currently available to play on Newgrounds.

You can find out more about Sexy Exile on Peachaboo’s Patreon page. Their supporters gain access to their news feed, as well as early access to completed builds and other goodies.

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