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MangaGamer Kicks Off Their XXXmas Sale

Western erotic game publisher MangaGamer has started a new big Christmas sale, discounting a plethora of their published titles by a huge margin.

MangaGamer’s XXXmas sales is a huge one this year, discounting 53 eroge titles by up to 60%. With the abundance of games available this time around, we are sure everyone will find something they would want to gift themselves or others.

For your reading pleasure and convenience, we’ve put together a list of all of the titles we’ve reviewed that are included in the sale, to help you find the best titles to keep you extra warm for Christmas. You can check out the reviews below:

Amber Breaker – 3/5

Beat Blades Haruka – 4/5

Dungeon of Corruption – 1/5

Eroge! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games 3.5/5

Euphoria – 4.5/5

Free Friends – 2.5/5

Free Friends 2 – 3/5

Funbag Fantasy – 4/5

Imouto Paradise – 4/5

Orc Castle – 3/5

Rance 5D – 3.5/5

Rance VI – 4.5/5

Sweet Young Bride – 3/5

NO, THANK YOU!!! – 3/5

MangaGamer’s XXXmas Sale will run until the 23rd of December, so all of you prospective buyers have 8 days to decide what titles deserve your “eggnog” this Holiday season.

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