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Multiple erotic game developers have come together to contribute to this year’s eroge development jam, Lewd Jam 2017.

Following a very successful Lewd Jam 2016 , the erotic game creation event known as Lewd Jam 2017 has just concluded, with 15 different entries submitted into the final pool of developed games.

You can view all entries to the jam below, together with their brief descriptions, sample screenshots, and separate links to pages where you can download them for free on Be advised that a lot of the entries aren’t complete games, but rather demos, alpha versions and even proofs of concept and may change drastically should the developers continue working on them.

Advanced Tip & Tap by Devirish

The PUB doors are open and there is a lot of thirsty orcs waiting to fill something more than their bellies… Play as Evangeline, a succubus waitress in this action arcade eroge.

Advanced Tip & Tap is a work of a team assembled by TEN63 & Devirish for the lewd jam 2017.

The game is in an alpha state, some features are missing and will be added to future updates, the following is a list of them.

1- Some orc behaviors (for now they don’t get up from the tables after being angry and attack the player 2- Pick Ups are missing 3- The gallery Feature need to be implemented 4- Credit Screen is missing 5- Some current game mechanics need to be balanced.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the game in his current state, hopefully soon you will find a new update. Until a next Time.

Dream Walker Erika by Barreytor

Erika has been sent on a job, with little information and even less clothing, to rescue someone trapped within their own dream.

Fight your way through a variety of enemies that want to have their way with Erika as she explores the mysterious dreamspace!

(Requires the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP, downloadable from this link. In a future update this requirement will be removed!)

Pome by CountMoxi

Pome is an experiment of trying to mix together elements of visual novels, comics and pixel art. This was initially completed in about a week for the Lewd Game Jam 2017. The game in it’s current state is pretty buggy, but it should give you a general gist on what it’s supposed to be like. I plan on continuing development on it when I get the chance.

All controls are handled with the arrow keys. Left and right to move, down to interact with Pome.

I have a lot of the art assets for this game done, so I will be working on it in the future, I hope you enjoy the game and feel free to leave me any feedback regarding the game.


Art, code, design: Countmoxi

Music: Minato Yanai (The Bad Dance Well)

Known bugs:

– Can’t trigger the sex scene fr a second time.

– Sex scene music does not loop properly.

Infernus: The Descent by Team Infernus

Infernus: The Descent is an erotic RPG where you play as a succubus and fight your way through the ranks of Hell. The game has three major settings:

- The Nine Hells, where you fight your way through hordes of demons and seduce them after defeating them in order to harvest their energy.

- The Mortal Realm, where you lure unsuspecting humans into your lustful embrace and steal their souls. [A work in progress!]

- Your own personal mansion on a sub-plane of Hell,  where you invest the souls and energy you’ve collected into customizing and improving your house until it becomes the most powerful house in Hell.


We decided to make a lewd game for the jam. This is the story of a succubus on a journey to reclaim her power. The more you get the worse you are.

How to Play

Mostly clicking and WASD or Arrow Keys to move through Hell.


As a jam game there is limited content right now but we plan to add more stuff later.

Neueport by bnbstripes

You are playing a build of Courier made for Lewd Jam 2017. This game was written and developed by bnbstripes and an artist who still hasn’t decided on a name. More on that in the future, maybe!

This game does not explore a “main story” and is proof of concept. This means that there is no end state! Despite this, the game is fully playable with multiple side missions. If people like the game enough, I may explore taking the writing somewhere else. Most likely, though, I’ll be working on different projects.

Because of the incomplete nature of this game, you will begin with much more money than you would normally have. Use this to purchase a gun immediately. Note that this is a heavy reading game; if you don’t like reading the small details, you may want to play something else.

It should be obvious that there are strong adult themes and content in this game. If you are a minor or are offended by such content, including (but not limited to):

– Prostitution. – Rape. – Drug use. – Dark themes. – Coarse language. – Sexual slavery. – Mild violence.

…then please close and delete this game and reformat your hard drive.

DJ Fukkboi by litrouke

Pretty much what’s on the label.

An erotic interactive fiction game in which you make choices by putting together a playlist to accompany your sexing. Features eight endings and a good amount of explicit content.

Currently has only a male/male option, but there’ll be more options in the full version of the game. Made under a time crunch for Lewd Jam 2017, so excuse the rough edges. It’ll be cleaned up later.

Succubus Arena by HelBeard

This is just a pre-alpha prototype for an “arena ball” style game but with flying Succubi.  In it’s current state, you can fly around a simple arena and hit a ball.  The animations are janky, the character model needs work and the textures are pretty pixellated, but it gets the basic idea across.  This was also an excuse to learn blender modeling and experiment with the blender game engine.  In the future, I plan to implement mid-air collisions with other players.

Future plans include:

- have multiple succubi in the arena at once, controlled by the cpu or other players

- program networking for more players

- have characters rag-doll when they collide with each other.

- have a replay system with camera controls to watch those collisions in detail

- add goal areas, other arenas and obstacles

- add player uniforms that are breakable with collisions

- improve the character meshes and armature

- improve the animations

- Improve the controls (mouse moves the camera)

- Maybe switch to a better/different engine

- Think up a better name 🙂

HypnoLabVR by Kyungeki Workshop

Have you ever wanted to be a hypnotist? Now you can! In VR!

Still being updated, not all functionality is in yet!

You need to have an HTC Vive to play this game.  Also, it uses steam VR.

The Great North Pole Escape by HypnoChanger

This is a short Text Adventure for Lewd Jam 2017. You are stuck in the North Pole, and must find some way to escape without being brainwashed into becoming a present for someone else.

It is possible to hit dead ends or unwinnable states in this game, due to the nature of text adventures and there being two different routes. I have tried to minimize the number of instances where an unwinnable state is not obvious though.

Wonder Woman Throat-Fucked by Boxman12

Submission for the 2017 Lewd Game jam. Wonder Woman getting face-fucked by Darkseid-lite Mongul, based on the episode “for the man who has everything.”I’m likely going to update this nearer Christmas, for better UI and better performance, however the jam ends tomorrow and I have work, so I gotta submit something now.

Rosas Are Red by Anduo Games

Completed in six days for Lewd Game Jam 2017.

Welcome to LewdBox™, where the slut of your life is only a LewdBox™ away! Meet Rosa, a girl on the internet with no problems opening up to strangers over text. Choose what you want to say, and what you want her to do over a familiar mobile-themed interface.

Oppaidius Summer Trouble! by SbargiSoft

Another summer closed in your room, with just videogames and take-away food… until an incredible girl rings at your door…! Featuring FM original music, japanese computer PC-98 inspired backgrounds, and boobs!

Demonic Desires by Bad Rock

You are the Overlord. One of many rivaled overlords in fact, who rule over their very own coven of Succubi. Their purpose? To make the fantasies of mortal men become a reality. The Reckoning is in just 20 days… Will your Coven be the dominant, or will you submit to another lords will?


- Demonic Desires is a 3d worker management game

- Players choose where to place their Succubi to perform different tasks in order to produce the most amount of Lust Crystals at the end of the 10 days.

- The Over Lord’s can influence their succubi and take a peek on what they are up to. This means they work faster. Whether it be sleeping, or realising the fantasies of the mortal realms, the Succubi are there to serve you devoutly.

####Currency Breakdown

Lust Crystals  – These are your Victory Points for the game. You convert your hard earned pleasure into Lust Crystals by right clicking Crystal Factory (the Blue spikey Building).

Pleasure – This currency is earnt by the number of fantasies that you have of a certain sexual act, so for example, a Succubus with the “Anal” Fantasy will earn pleasure from the amount of “Anal” fantasy power your coven has.

Fantasies – These are earnt at the Dream Invader (The big red spikey building) which depend on again the type of fantasies that the Succubus is prevelent in. “Lesbian” will gain “Lesbian” fantasy power.

Please note this is a Work In Progress, and contains some placeholder art.

Match 3 tentacle game by Azurezero

Warning this game is only suitable for adults. Fetishes include tentacles and cumflation/pregnancy.

You have been warned.

in this game you play a cute witch whose been assaulted by a tentacle monster. Merge gems to prevent your womb filling up completely with the monsters seed.

Controls Arrow Keys or WASD to move

X or E to stir clockwise

Z or Q to stir counter clockwise

Score enough points before the loads get too much.

Bella’s Fairy Tales by Noodles_The_Cat

Bella’s Fairy tale is an Action rpg with date sim elements. jump Slash and shoot your way through a host of mythical minions  and save your fairy friends from being sacrificed to bring back the incubus Aztaroth.

This was a lot of fun to work on, I started with a new project to see just how far I could push myself and i gotta say I’m pretty excited about working on this game in the near future.

This is an early concept build that focuses on movement stage switching and npc interaction.

This year’s entries have been diverse and varied in all kinds of ways starting from the art, the gameplay types and even the platforms they are/will be available on. We hope all the developers that contributed to the game jam will continue to work wholeheartedly on their creations and improve them leading up to final version releases.

On another note, there is currently another Lewd Jam 2017 underway. This Lewd Jam, created by Sephrit, is running from the 25th of November up until December 31st. Once the second jam is over and all game entries for it have been submitted, you can expect us to cover it in a similar fashion.

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