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Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ Will Be Receiving Adult Content Patch

Some backers will also receive bonuses as an apology

Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ is finally going to receive its adult content update, and some backers are going to be receiving a bonus with the OST as a way of apologizing for some issues with the campaign.

Last December, we reported on a Kickstarter campaign for the localization of Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ the actiony visual novel with some Naziesque undertones. While the project was successfully funded, and the title was released on Steam this past June, it wasn’t entirely as intended. The aspect ratio of the title was 16:9, missing the 4:3 option and the adult patch is still not yet available.

After several delays and apologies, there’s finally some good news. The adult content in Dies irae will be available this Friday, December 15th (JST). With this good news, however, there were still some apologies. For starters, there isn’t an actual “adult patch” as was previously described in the campaign. If you’ve been waiting for the fully patched experience before digging in, you may have waited for nothing. What was referred to as a “patch” is actually an entirely separate story. Dies irae World Emanation Project explains in their latest update.

To clarify, the 18+ patch is not a patch that adds 18+ content to “Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~”, but rather an English version of “Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~”. There has never been an 18+ version of “Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~” in Japan or elsewhere.

“Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~” and “Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~” were previously sold separately, but this shall mark the first time these titles will appear together.

Furthermore, we also would like to elucidate on the game’s resolution, in which we have also caused much uncertainty through our failure to adequately explain the situation.

The current Steam version of “Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~” can be played at 16:9, however, the English version of “Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~” (previously described as the 18+ patch) will allow for both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.

4:3 in-production screen image

16:9 in-production screen image

There are plans to implement the 4:3 aspect ratio for the Steam version. However, it is difficult at this time to give a specific time frame as for its completion. There is much that we need to do to see the project through, and feel that our priorities must first and foremost lie with the rewards and the English version of “Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~” (previously described as the 18+ patch). Once those have been completed, we shall tackle the aspect ratio issue and give a prompt update when the details have been confirmed.

On the plus side, Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~ will be playable in both 4:3 and 16:9 formats; however, as was mentioned in the update, the 4:3 aspect ratio is still not implemented into the main visual novel. For those out there that want the original experience, they will have to wait a bit longer. Additionally, there were some complaints addressed regarding the OST. It was explained as follows:

About the OST

*For the previous explanation of the OST, please see the update here:

Previous information concerning the differences between the digital and physical versions of the OST have been inadequate, causing dissatisfaction with many backers. Along with the deficiencies in explaining the R18 patch, we see this was cause for due concern, and give a full apology.

We had a discussion to address this inconsistency and came to the following: with the numerous faults that we have committed weighing heavily on us, we have decided to give the complete CD digital data to all backers who pledged for the digital and physical versions of the OST, including BackerKit backers.

Thus, the only difference between the digital and physical versions of the OST will be just that, whether it is the physical item or data only. The song list will be the same.

Given the circumstances, we believed this to be the fairest solution, and apologize to those of you who reasonably commented on the song list differences. This adjustment will be disappointing to some, but we please ask for your understanding.

The complete version of the OST has never been available in Japan, so it will take some time to put together a list of all the recorded songs. It is our promise that we will send the complete CD digital data to those applicable backers, and ask for the time necessary to make the adjustments. We will have an update once the song list is finalized.

The company made another update today where the official release date for OST was announced. Also in the update was the full track list for the OST, totaling up to 53 tracks, with a total running time of 2:40:26 (1.58GB). This is expected to release on December 19th (JST). You can view the update to see the list of tracks. If you haven’t purchased Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ and would like to, it can be found on Steam for Windows platforms.

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