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Vazure Studio Has Launched a Kickstarter Campaign to Fund the Development of Our Feelings

Vazure Studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their yuri visual novel Our Feelings, and it’s ending soon.

Vazurea Studio is looking to crowdfund the development of what the company refers to as, “one of the most emotional visual novels to come out in recent years.” The title in question is Our Feelings. A game that features multiple endings, optional adult content, and a story that focuses on false memories.

Hiyoko and Michiko were on their way home when Hiyoko became the victim of a terrible accident. Upon waking up, Hiyoko found herself in a familiar place, but surrounded by unfamiliar faces. The three girls that were by her side when she awoke, Yukiko, Miyuki, and Aiko, all claimed they were Hiyoko’s best friends at school.

However, Hiyoko didn’t know them at all. Only when she finally looked at the date and took notice of her surroundings, Hiyoko finally realized that she was thrust back three years into the past, when she was still in high school.

Hiyoko chose to be honest, and told them that she had no recollection of any of them. However, she still kept the fact that she was from a parallel-future where she didn’t know any of these girls, a secret.

Hiyoko tried to figure out how she could return to her own world, and why she was sent here in the first place. And who was this girl she replaced? Was it really her, or something far more sinister?

Then suddenly, a new student, Ayano, arrives who throws everything out of balance when Ayano claims that she knows who Hiyoko really is…

Vazurea Studio offers some interesting rewards for the Our Feelings campaign. Higher pledge levels even give backers the opportunity to be a character in the game — something not seen too often in visual novels. More information on the reward tiers can be found below, including the new tiers that were just recently added.

Our Dust Tier comes with a gorgeous HD Wallpaper for your computer and phone that will rival the beauty of the greatest Picasso (not legally binding).

Our Fragments Tier comes with a copy of Our Feelings on Steam and special DLCs for Exclusive stories + Secret Route! and all prior reward tiers!

Our Shards Tier comes with a beta copy of Our Feelings that you will get to enjoy before it ever makes it on Steam, plus your name will appear in the credits, special DLCs for Exclusive stories + Secret Route and all prior reward tiers!

Our Dreams Tier comes with a physical copy of Our Feelings in a beautiful digipak case! Special for the physical edition of Our Feelings, there will be exclusive story and secret route. Not only that, the physical edition will also have the complete soundtracks of the game (regular story + exclusive story + secret route).  And all prior reward tiers!

Our Remembrance Tier comes with —>either<— an awesome Dakimakura of your favorite character or an adorable Artbook filled with photos from Our Feelings! And all prior reward tiers!

Want to have a character you designed, or even yourself appear in the game!? Well now you can! Become a side-character in Our Feelings, by backing at the Memories Tier, and get all prior reward tiers!

At the Reality Tier you can be more than a side character and have an important role in the plot!? Become a main-character in Our Feelings, plus all prior reward tiers!

[Waitress Tier] Want to see yourself in a game as a Waitress who works at Cafe? Design a Waitress that will be in “Our Feelings” and see yourself on screen! The character will appear with her own sprite and special CG in the game. Plus all prior reward tiers!

[Maid Tier] Want to see yourself in a game as a maid who works at Aiko’s house? Design a maid that will be in “Our Feelings” and see yourself on screen! The character will appear with her own sprite and special CG in the game. Plus all prior reward tiers!

The campaign is nearly over with the project sitting at $3,835 of the $6,000 goal. With that said, there are currently no planned stretch goals. If successfully funded, Our Feelings is planned to release on Steam, Nutaku, and physical media for Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. The Steam version will have a R-13 rating, but there will be a 18+ patch made available.

You can try out Our Feelings by playing the demo which can be found on Vazurea Studio ’s itch.io page. You can follow the developer for further updates on Twitter and Facebook. To support this Kickstarter, visit the Our Feelingscampaign page before December 15th.

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