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The Reject Demon: Toko Has Been Updated with a Major Patch Called "Toko: Remix"

Developer Lupiesoft has released a massive patch to their visual novel The Reject Demon: Toko, dubbed “Toko:Remix,” that overhauls the entire game.

The Reject Demon: Toko, which we’ve covered in the past, is an ecchi visual novel developed by Lupiesoft about a demon named Toko who finds herself kicked out of Hell as she finds herself becoming more human as she’s forced to stay on Earth.

When a human is destined to die, the demons ferry their souls to the afterlife. ‘The Reject Demon: Toko’ is the story of Toko herself, a demon who has been kicked out of hell. Toko cannot ferry human souls to the underworld, and every day she stays on earth has her becoming increasingly human.

Toko: Remix is a patch aimed at revamping and improving The Reject Demon: Toko that Lupiesoft claims makes the game into “basically a whole new game.”

The Reject Demon: Toko was just recently updated with a major patch, called ‘Toko: Remix’ we’ve overhauled the entire game, features include:

- – New Sprites, CGs, BGs, UI & More!

- – New Music!

- – New Writing!

- – An entirely rebuilt visual novel, with higher quality and animation than before!

- – 日本語字幕!(Japanese Localization!)

- – New Optional Voice Acting DLC

To update The Reject Demon: Toko into Toko: Remix, please redownload the game!

It’s a basically a whole new game at this point!


The “Optional Voice Acting DLC” will come at $5, but the rest of Toko: Remix is completely free.

The update is free, this is the HiRes patch 1440p, new art, music, CGs etc.

What’s $5 is just the Voice Acting DLC.

You can find The Reject Demon: Toko on Steam  and if you are interested in Lupiesoft’s other works you can check them out at their website.

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