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Bullet Hell and Tentacle-centric Shoot 'Em Up Tenta Shooter Now on Steam

Henteko Doujin has just released Rakugaki Games’ ecchi shoot-em-up, Tenta Shooter, on Steam.

If you’re a fan of shooters and bullet hell games and appreciate a bit of tentacle-laden fan service, Rakugaki Games has something to offer you with their newest game, Tenta Shooter. Published by Henteko Doujin, this game boasts about its simple controls, replayability, gigantic monster girls, and tons of hidden content. The title was just released on Steam earlier this week.

The game itself is a 16-bit style shoot-em-up. Players will be able to mix and match unlockable cards with 4 different attack styles. Additionally, Tenta Shooter allows players to unlock CG galleries through collectible cards. The CG scenes will feature various ecchi art involving Kei, tentacles, and monster girl bosses.


Everyone’s favorite tentacle themed arcade style bullet hell shooter is now on Steam!

Satisfying! Send enemy bullets flying back at them with well-timed bullet counters.

Overpower giant monster girl bosses with a vigorous barrage of bullets!

A top down Shoot ‘Em Up game for the tentacle age.


Kei is a fairy girl who once lived peacefully in the forest with her sister Sei.One morning, Kei woke up and Sei was nowhere to be found.

Kei immediately flew from her home to search for her missing friend.

At that very moment, the forest was engulfed in a mysterious mist…

Tenta Shooter is available on Steam for Windows platforms. It’s normally $9.99, but is currently available $6.99 until December 15th with its 30% launch discount. You can follow the publisher on Twitter for more information about Tenta Shooter and their other titles.

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