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Dekiru Translations has released a full translation patch for Bishop’s nukige, Sansha Mendan Immoral Edition.

Sansha Mendan is a nukige by Bishop and AiCheery originally released in Japan in early 2011 where you play as Ryou Kawabata, a boy who enjoys watching women older than him succumb to his carnal desires. Naturally, his victims were the female teachers. Many teachers were brought to their knees and submitted to his will except one – Yuuna Hagiura. She was the only one to go against Ryou and report him to the school. Fearing what this scandal could do to the school’s reputation, Hakusho Academy swept Ryou’s misdeeds under the rug and expelled him under the guise of a school transfer. During a visit to his new school, he meets Aina Hagiura. Not only is she Yuuna’s younger twin sister, but she’s a teacher at his new school, Jyousei Academy. Now that Ryou is in unfamiliar territory with new prey to train, the hunt to satisfy his lust begins anew.

Dekiru Translations explains what you will need, how to download the patch, and their experience translating Sansha Mendan on their website. You can find the patch installation instructions below along with a few screenshots from the already patched version of the game.

Patch installation guide: 1) Ensure you have the IMMORAL EDITION of the game. This patch will not work on the original version, you must have the Immoral Edition. The Immoral Edition can be identified by its higher resolution (1024×768). 2) Download the translation patch from the above link. 3) Go to your Sansha Mendan Immoral Edition installation directory. Back up bsxx.cfg and bsxx.dat. 4) Extract bsxx.cfg and bsxx.dat from the SM_English_Patch_V1.rar file into your SM IE installation directory, replacing the existing bsxx.cfg and bsxx.dat(but not their back ups). 5) That’s it. Run the game (from startup.exe, not smie.exe) and enjoy! Be sure to use the included image guides for the necessary screens. 5.5) It is possible that Japanese Locale is necessary to run this game. If you have problems, try changing your computer to Japanese Locale. Programs such as Applocale may work but are less likely to be effective.

You can buy the digital Japanese version of  Sansha Mendan Immoral Edition from for 5,378 yen.

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