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FAKKU Has Acquired Kitty Media, Plans to Launch Hentai Streaming Service

English hentai publisher, FAKKU, has acquired Kitty Media and plans to launch a hentai streaming service.

FAKKU, once a tiny scanlation website run out of a college dorm room, is now the world’s largest publisher of English hentai, and it certainly didn’t stop there. The site currently offers physical media, games, figures, shirts, and even skateboards. During a panel at Anime Expo 2017, FAKKU’s founder and president, Jacob, announced that the site was going to begin offering the option to stream hentai videos. Things were quiet on this front until a recent update, where Jacob announced that FAKKU had acquired adult anime publisher, Kitty Media.


With this acquisition, FAKKU has confirmed once again that its streaming hentai service is coming. The company is working to revive Kitty Media’s library and bring it to FAKKU; however, no date has yet been announced for its launch. Once live, streaming video will be available to FAKKU subscribers at no additional cost. Content streamed on FAKKU will also be uncensored.

Today I am proud to announce that FAKKU has acquired Kitty Media, the most established hentai anime publisher the United States.

You can find our official press release here, but probably the most important thing to say is…


Kitty Media has published numerous noteworthy anime titles such as Bible Black, Legend of the Overfiend, Another Lady Innocent, and many more. Although not all of their licenses are still active, we plan to do our best to revive their library of content and make it available on FAKKU. With Kitty Media’s established position as the leader in uncensored hentai anime, their library of content and industry experience will help bring FAKKU to the next level.

I grew up watching Kitty Media releases and I have no doubt that we will do incredible things with the brand.

We believe consumers are willing and wanting to support the industry, they just haven’t been given the opportunity through the existing distribution models. That’s something we are going to start developing for the future.

Jacob followed up with another post on December 1st, reiterating the upcoming streaming service and acquisition of Kitty Media. In the post, he added, “And we have one more big licensing announcement we hope to get out before the end of this year.” Hopefully, it means more videos, as the market for uncensored hentai anime, has dwindled to the point of being practically nonexistent. We will keep you posted on further updates.

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