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Haramase Project Releases Demo of Divine Conception

Haramase Project is creating Divine Conception, a visual novel about a salaryman getting fucked by an angelic inquisitor and a demonic princess.

Divine Conception is a lighthearted visual novel wherein you play as a Japanese salaryman whose life is little more than work, manga, and video games. Following a tip he got from an online imageboard, he finds a shady manga store that sells hard-to-find manga for extremely cheap. When he arrives home with his haul, he finds a book he knows he didn’t purchase and ends up summoning a succubus demon princess, named Aliyah, with it. She rewards him for releasing her from this book by taking his virginity. Afterwards, an angel named Gabrielle visits him in his home and explains that she has to purify him by performing the same ritual the succubus performed on him.

As the name suggests, a major fetish of the game is impregnation. Divine Conception is extremely early on in development and will revolve heavily around Aliyah and Gabrielle fighting over the protagonist’s sizable cock and potent load. As one can expect, Aliyah is sultry and seductive and bounces off of Gabrielle’s angelic innocence. Despite being at such great odds with each other, a threesome scene featuring the two is planned.

Divine Conception is planned to be released for free, although there will be “extras” for Patreon supporters. If you are interested in supporting Haramase Project in their efforts, you can donate to their Patreon . If you are interested in trying out the demo for yourself you can download it here.

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