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Ever want to leave your day-to-day life and go treasure hunting with a bunch of humanoid animal futanari? You can do that and more in Lupiesoft’s adventure visual novel, Mutiny!! 

Mutiny!! is a yuri visual novel developed by Lupiesoft. The main theme of the game is a fantasy adventure where you’re finding treasure and fighting off pirates. The game is still ongoing and only three romantic routes are available on the full game. The rest will need to be bought as DLC and right now, there are only two additional routes available for purchase. In this review, I will be going over the game without the DLC.

You play as Grace, a prostitute who works in brothel and bar. While chatting up a dragon futa, you learn that she is the captain of a pirate ship. The conversation is cut short when a ruckus happens outside the establishment, causing the dragon futa to leave her captain’s hat and coat on Grace. It turns out, the ex-captain was fleeing her creditors and made Grace the new captain of the ship. Not only did Grace inherit a ship and crew, but all of the former captain’s debt. Now, she plans to pay off the debt by hunting for treasure — while also hunting for booty.

The story of Mutiny!! progresses like an adventure or quest format. Grace takes up an assignment from her creditor, Jackie, then she and her crew go to a location to find treasure. On the way there, you get to know your crew and make decisions that can either make you look competent or give your crew a reason to start a mutiny. Hold off pirate ships and solve puzzles to show them your worth as a captain.

At one point, the story will branch off into routes when you are asked to choose someone as your first mate. This will lead you down that that girl’s path and, eventually, towards one of her three endings. The adventures you go on won’t be affected by this choice, so the main story will not be changed. It only affects who you spend the most time with on the ship.

There are many different girls and futanari to choose from. All of them are half animal or mythical creature. There’s Foo (dog futa), Grozdana (sphinx futa), Bree (horse futa), Alcina (bear futa), and Nemui (chameleon girl), and Elizabeth Margaret (moth girl). There is also one route that involves the couple in your crew, Lara (fairy girl) and Lirdynrae (spider futa). The main game only includes Nemui, Alcina, and Lara and Lirdynrae. The rest are DLC and each route will cost you $2.99.

While the adventures are interesting, the formula can get repetitive and not enough happens when the crew is treasure hunting. Since the main objective is to find treasures to get them out of debt, their adventures mainly consist of getting in, making a choice, getting treasure, and going back. There is nothing else that’s driving them and they don’t spend much time on different planes. I just find it dull how a visual novel focused on treasure hunting and adventure barely gets into any adventures. In fact, more time is spent on the ship than the different planes.

Most of the interesting parts happen on the ship when Grace is spending time with her chosen first mate. Her interactions with the crew is one of this game’s strengths. The characters are well developed and you slowly get to know each one. They reveal their insecurities and intimacy eventually develops between the Grace and her first mate. Once you get to that point, you get to have awesome sex with them.

The sex scenes are varied and last a while. What adds to the lewdness is how the girls are half animal, which can make the scenes even more interesting, as their physical characteristics spice it up. There’s cunnilingus with a long tongue, having unfertilized spider eggs inserted into your vagina, getting spanked by large bear paws, and more. Mutiny!! has a lot of variety when it comes to their sex scenes and is extremely creative with what can be done with their characters. The scenes are also well written, with each one being different from the other. It satisfies you just enough without pointlessly dragging on.

Mutiny!! plays like most visual novels, but it has two additional gameplay mechanics — puzzle solving and pirate ship battles. The pirate ship battles consist of you making choices that will preserve your ship for five turns. If you still have enough health by the fifth turn, you can escape the conflict. In other words, instead of taking out the enemy ship, the goal is to get away with your ship mostly intact. As for the puzzles, there are only two in the game. One involves lighting up an entire grid while the other one makes you flip pieces around to make a connection between a power source and multiple key outlets. Failing the puzzles and ship battles will increase your mutiny bar — if it gets too high, you will get a bad ending.

While these minigames have a purpose, they can feel repetitive and annoying. When you are replaying the game on a different route or get a different ending, you will be skipping a lot of dialogue that you have already read. The light puzzles can be skipped, but, as far as I know, not the ship battles. If you are going for a mutiny ending, you would want screw up on purpose, but it gets tiring when you are actually trying. Unless you have memorized or written down the choices, there will be a lot of trial and error. Even one wrong move can wipe out your ship’s health bar. It’s easy to start over, but you waste time trying to leave the battle with at least half of your ship health. While the purpose is understandable, it determines how much your mutiny bar goes up. Honestly speaking, this gameplay mechanic could have been executed differently.

This is what the ship battles look like. The top left corner shows how many turns you have taken and the bottom right shows your ship’s health bar and your combat options.

The art of Mutiny!! is great and the way that everything is colored gives it a stylized look. It’s colorful and feels like a fantasy from a picture book. The backgrounds are eye-catching and highlight the characters well. Every character had their own look and was designed according to what animal they were. Not only did the artists draw the ears and tails of animals, but they went as far as making the genitals similar to their animal counterparts. Foo, the dog futa, had a bright red dick that was surprisingly large for her small stature. Bree, the horse futa, had a dick almost as long as her torso. Each of the crew members was memorable in their own way.

The music is soothing and didn’t irritate me at all. It wasn’t grating and it flowed well enough that you could barely notice it looping. The tone of the music worked well with the scenes. When the music needed to be suspenseful, it brought the suspense. My favorite one would have to be the music for the sex scenes. It set the mood and settled you into the scene. It was a song made for sex and helped make the scenes feel more intimate.

Look at how cute she is, sucking the tip of her massive horse cock.

Mutiny!! has a lot going for it; good music, good art, interesting characters, and hot sex scenes. Aside from the ship battles being too time-consuming, there is one final thing that concerns me. This game is not completely finished yet. There are romance-able characters that aren’t available in the game. Bonus stories and new adventures will be released down the line, but they will be released as DLC.

While I do have complaints about the adventures in this game being dull and unexciting, I hope that the future adventures are better than this one. It felt more like an introduction to the characters and the world. The only goal or quest they had was paying off the debts of the ex-captain, and that plot didn’t draw me in as well as the characters did. Now that the ship is paid off, I am curious to see how Lupiesoft plans to continue the tale of Grace and her crew, and how it ties together with the original game.

For what the game provides right now, Mutiny!! is an enjoyable treasure hunting visual novel with loads of futa action. It has some nice fetishes and a nice supply of girls to fuck. The writing is decent and it has the potential to become something interesting. Is the plot of paying off debt by looking for treasure intriguing? Probably not, considering how the adventures were executed. Are the girls engaging enough to make you want to play their routes? Very likely. I’d suggest getting it on sale if you are unsure about buying it — and if you don’t like the game, do not buy the DLC. Find out if you want to continue the adventure or stay in port.

Mutiny!! is available on Steam for $19.99, Nutaku for $20.00, and MangaGamer for $19.95. For information about how the adult patches work, go to Lupiesoft’s FAQ.


  • Good art
  • Nice soundtrack
  • Memorable characters
  • Hot sex with futa animal hybrids


  • The adventures are dull and boring
  • The ship combat mini-game can get annoying and repetitive
  • Not everything is implemented in the game yet
  • Art and Graphics
  • Sound
  • Writing
  • Story
  • Gameplay


There are furries of different species with unnatural cocks. If you like yuri, futanaris, and humanoid animal chicks, this is something you should check out.

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