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Frontwing Opens an Official Website for Momoiro Closet

Frontwing has opened the official website for their upcoming eroge Momoiro Closet, and revealed the story summary and character bios.

We previously reported on Frontwing’s announcement at Anime Expo 2017 about releasing Momoiro Closet, and with the release of the game’s official website there is now more information on the story and characters. Momoiro Closet‘s main characters are Alice Kagamihara, the student council president with an upstanding reputation, and Reiji Hashima, a quiet, average guy protagonist. While the two of them are practically from different worlds, what they share in common is a love for a magical girl anime made for kids. When they find out about each others’ secret hobby, misunderstandings and comedic awkwardness ensue.

There are character bios for the two main characters and five sub characters. You can read about them on the Momoiro Closet website. Currently, Frontwing plans to release the Momoiro Closet on April 27, 2018, but that could be subject to change.

Kagamihara Alice: model student, and president of the student council.As the daughter of a National Diet member, she has a reputation to keep up, both in terms of looks and grades.Compared to average joe Hashima Reiji, she’s like a being from another dimension.The two would have absolutely nothing in common……Were it not for the one strange bond they share: a shared love of a Sunday morning magical girl anime, aimed at little kids.

When Reiji happens to find out that Alice is a hardcore fan of the show,Alice’s overactive imagination leads her to believe that Reiji is trying to blackmail her!

Despite Reiji’s best efforts to clear up the misunderstanding, it only seems to get worse,and the situation spirals further and further out of control!

One day, their conversation takes a weird turn, and Alice ends up heading over to Reiji’s house to cosplay.But once she dons her costume, she’s overcome by some new, naughty urges – and she decides to explore those feelings together with Reiji, her one otaku friend…

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