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Inti Creates has revealed new gameplay footage for their upcoming ecchi shooter, Gal*Gun 2, during their special live stream event.

In a special livestream event hosted by Inti Creates, the company revealed new gameplay footage from their upcoming ecchi shooter, Gal*Gun 2. During the presentation, the hosts demonstrated several new ways for the lovestruck girls to get to the protagonist, as well as the devastating and clothes-tearing power of the Demon Sweeper weapon. Those familiar with Gal*Gun: Double Peace should be able to easily recognize the high school gate section from that game, as it’s heavily featured in the presentation along with the courtyard of the school.

Gal*Gun 2 will feature more than 70 girls and gives the player 30 days to come out unscathed from their advances, using the returning Pheromone Shot and the new Demon Sweeper demonstrated in the new gameplay footage.

You can view the full live stream event below, with the gameplay segment of the stream already timestamped in the video. The presentation features around 8 minutes of gameplay footage.

Gal*Gun 2’s Japanese release date has been set for March 15, 2018, for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The Amazon pre-order page claims that the game will begin distribution on December 31, 2018; however, this is expected to be a placeholder date, as PQube has announced that the game will have its Western release in spring 2018. For more information about the game and its many sexy features, be sure to read our other articles.

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