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Seventh Heart Studios’ visual novel, Eternal Hour: Golden Hour, has just been released for free on Steam with an adult patch.

If you’re looking for a short and sweet visual novel to read, but are strapped on cash after all the holiday sales, you’ll be happy to hear that Sekai Project has just released Eternal Hour: Golden Hour on Steam, and it’s completely free. Better yet, it even has an adult patch.

This title is a prequel to the upcoming visual novel, Eternal Hour, which was previously funded through Kickstarter. It takes place 11 years before the events of the main story and is split up into two sections. One of the stories explains the backstory of Rin and how she came to live in Tokya. The other story is about a casual beach party that ends up getting kind of weird.

Play through two prequels that explore the origins of Eternal Hour’s storyline!

Eternal Hour: Strings of Fate invites you to play as Rin, Yasu’s Aunt, eleven years before the events of Eternal Hour! You will discover more about Rin’s past and how she came to live in Tokya, and how she became Yasu’s guardian. You’ll also experience sweet moments of gentle romance as Rin and her new friend, Megumi, slowly fall in love, even as they experience tough times together.

Eternal Hour: The Lost Date invites you to play as Yasu ten months before the events of Eternal Hour, in what seems to be just a normal day, when Yasu meets Katashi, Tamiko and Naoko for a fun trip to the beach. The day turns into a mysterious adventure after they stumble upon a magical symbol etched on the ground within a cave, and everything seems to go insane.

Play through both adventures, and experience the mysterious backstory behind Eternal Hour!


- 1080p HD Resolution

- ~3 Hours of Gameplay

- Animated CG Scenes

- Full English Voice Acting

You can play Eternal Hour: Golden Hour for free via Steam on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The adult patch and its installation instructions can be found on Seventh Heart Studios’ Facebook page. If you really like the story and want more, the first chapter of Eternal Hour is also currently available for free. More details on that can be found on this Steam post.

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