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Developers AlexProject and Alibi have released the English version of their stealth erotic game FEJ Code on English DLsite.

AlexProject and Alibi have released a new English version of their stealth and action eroge, FEJ Code. In FEJ Code, the player takes on the role of the legendary thief Erica, using her honed burglary skills, stealthy techniques, and sexual charms to discover the mysterious treasure of the painter known only as FEJ.

Mysterious Painter FEJ, A failing artist with few paintings left. But his paintings became popular recently. Someone found there are strange numbers in his paintings. People say these could be some passwords of a safe box.

The legendry thief Erica got the safe box. To get FEJ’s treasure, she has to find all FEJ codes.

FEJ Code‘s gameplay is divided into three parts. In the first part, Erica, without her disguise, scouts out a particular venue she’s going to rob, marking and taking notice of all security systems while using her special brand of perfume to seduce the guards. After she finds FEJ’s painting, the player can proceed to the night phase where Erica dons her thief costume and has to avoid all previously-marked traps and have sex with seduced guards, knocking them out in the process. This phase ends once she gets a hold of the painting and makes her escape via an exit point. The last phase of the game has Eric looking for hidden clues in FEJ’s art to reveal the location of their storied treasure.

The game features 12 different CG and 8 sex animations, with Erica being voiced in both sex and normal event scenes. Check out a few screenshots of the game’s English demo below.

The PC version of FEJ Code can now be purchased on the English version of DLsite for $7.63. The developer has also made a short demo available for free.

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