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J-List Opens Pre-Orders for Kanbanmusume Kurara-Chan 1/6 Scale Figure

J-List has opened pre-orders for the Kanbanmusume Kurara-Chan 1/6 scale figure, based off an original illustration by Kurara Suzutsuki.

Winter is just around the corner, but the cold weather has already crept in for most of us. As is appropriate for the climate, manufacturer Daiki Kogyo has opened pre-orders for a figure of a girl who is dressed for the cold: the Kanbanmusume Kurara-chan 1/6 scale figure.

The Kurara-chan figure is based on an original illustration by Kurara Suzutsuki. Suzutsuki even featured her as the cover girl for the doujin, Kurara Colors. Kurara-chan is showing a lot of skin since she’s only wearing hot pants, a scarf, and a winter hat. Perhaps she’s not really dressed for the cold weather after all, but maybe that’s all she needs with a body as hot as hers.

Kurara-chan stands at 26.5cm (10.4in) in height and was sculpted by Oyuya Minato. Her breasts and other lady bits are creatively concealed by few clothes she’s wearing and her strategically placed hand. If the tease is too much and you want to see what’s she’s hiding, you can remove those clothes and swap out her arm to fully reveal all of her feminine features.


From sexy figure maker Daiki Kogyo comes a top-quality figure of Kurara-chan, an original character illustrated by popular ero doujin artist Suzutsuki Kurara. You can remove her clothing and she has an extra hand part so you can display in various ways. A must-have for your sexy figure collection.

The Kurara-chan figure is scheduled to be released in June 2018. She’s $160 on J-List , but comes with a 10% discount for those who pre-order. Additionally, J-List is having a Black Friday promotion from now through November 30th, which gives 20% cashback as in-store credit. You can check out some of our other figure articles too if you’re looking for something lewd this holiday.

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