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MiKandi Japan has taken fan feedback concerning the translation of Libra of the Vampire Princess. They are currently working on a complete revision of the script.

Back in June of this year, Kickstarter backers and fans alike were happy to finally get there hands on the English release of Libra of the Vampire Princess. Unfortunately, not everyone was enthused about the final product. Internet forums, the Steam Community, Steam reviews, and of course, Twitter, were all ablaze with people blasting the game’s translation. Some people defended it by comparing it to worse examples, but the overall consensus was clear: it was disappointing.

Below are some highlights (or low points) of the translation. The screenshots and quotes were posted on Fuwanovel.

“She grips in her hand something that looks like a leash and it’s connected to the thing tied around my body.”

“Stream with reduced force runs along her thighs like water trickling from rocks and flows onto the washing area of the bathroom.”

“But so many weird things happened recently like, a random attacker and cosplay girl. And close to me, two transfer students from a small country I never heard of before called Racronia.”

“Hooray, Master’s got a lawful wife! After this, suck as much blood as possible and keep your favorite mistresses! Yay, harem, successful man!”

Fast forward to October. In a Kickstarter update, James, the team leader for the campaign, provided some insight regarding the feedback they had received. James acknowledged that fans were disappointed with the translation, and admitted that he wasn’t happy with it either. In the same post, he mentioned that he and another colleague had personally begun working on a new pass of the script. At that time, they were at about 20% completion and planned to have the main path and Mari’s route ready for release around Christmas/New Years. James also noted that the new translation team would be comprised of native English speakers, as well as someone who is bilingual in English and Japanese.

In yet another post that was made yesterday, the team reworking the script gave an update on their current progress and announced some new additions to the team. They also changed the Christmas/New Years release window to a firm “when the team is happy with it.”

Since our last update, we’ve assembled a team of four motivated and dedicated volunteers to assist us in improving Libra’s overall reading experience. On board we have Emiri Howell, NDarkstar, Joe P / Iarumas, and Hexxellor, all of whom are Libra backers, visual novel fans, and bring editing experience to the table. The team has been working diligently this past week, making corrections to various things like grammar, flow of dialogue, but they’ve also been making thoughtful suggestions on how to handle some of the finer points of the narrative: unifying the characters’ speech, use of humor, to name a few.


The full updates can be found on the Libra of the Vampire PrincessKickstarter page . We will update you when the new script is released. If you’d like to get your hands on the game in the meantime, you can purchase it from Steam  for Windows platforms for $39.99. There is an adult patch available for the game here,  which can either be purchased alone for $2.99 or with the Steam key for $42.99.

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