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An alpha demo version of the new visual novel eroge, Analistica Academy, has been released by Epic Works.

Epic Works and Top Hat Studios have released the first short alpha demo for their upcoming erotic visual novel, Analistica Academy. Set in the same universe as Episicava and Rainbow DreamsAnalistica Academy is planned as a 3-4 hour comedy visual novel with a strong sexual theme. The game’s story centers around a boy named Hora, widely considered an alpha male, trying to get together with three seemingly unreachable girls and penetrate their backsides.


As one of the few men still alive after a worldwide epidemic, Hora is hailed as an alpha male and sought after by women of all kinds; even the president! But failing to find interest in any of them, he targets three special girls who are loosely called the ‘Holey Trinity’ and resolves to plunge into the deepest parts of their anal cavities. Unfortunately for Hora, these girls aren’t going to be easy pickings!


The very short demo contains one sex scene. You can check a few sample screenshots from the alpha below.

You can now download the first alpha demo of Analistica Academy on Epic Works’s itch.io for free. The demo is available on PC, Mac and Linux operating systems. Currently, the game is planned for release in either December of 2017 or February 2018. The full release of the game will contain 3-4 hours worth of story, 13 background CGs, 25 event CGs and 13 music tracks. On release, the game will be available on Steam, Nutaku, and Itch.io.

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