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Nekojishi, a Chinese visual novel by Team Nekojishi, is available for free on Steam.

Team Nekojishi’s furry bara visual novel, Nekojishi, was released on Steam for free on November 12. A limited edition version, which can be used to patch the Steam version with uncensored H-scenes, can be downloaded on Team Nekojishi’s website.

Nekojishi is about Liao, a college guy whose got a fetish for beastmen and comes from a religious family that worships guardian tigers. One day, his third eye is opened by a clouded leopard and his life takes a turn for the better as three beastmen move into his dorm room. The furry intruders don’t plan on leaving Liao alone until he agrees to help one of them. For now, Liao lives his daily life with Guardian Tiger, Clouded Leopard, and Leopard Cat as they try to convince him to accept their requests. Could this experience lead Liao to the beastman of his dreams or will it end up being more than he can handle?

Ever dreamed about having furry beast men hanging around with you? What if they are gods in your childhood bedtime stories? This visual novel gives you a chance to play a young man whose dream has come true, but also gets him deeply involved in the consequences. Although he was born within a religious family, college student Lin Tian-Liao has never thought about meeting three feline spirits.

It’s never bad to have three lovely guys around, but life must be going on. Knowing his humdrum life has gone forever, Liao still don’t know what his future holds. However, his story with three big cats has already began.

With his third eye accidentally opened, Liao can now see spirits that used to be invisible to him. However, their requests force Liao to decide for his future life. Lin Hu, the tiger patron god of Lin family wants Liao to go back home after his graduation. Likulau, a clouded leopard spirit from an Aboriginal Taiwanese tribe finds Liao is a good candidate for the tribe oracle. And Yan Shu-Chi, who is a colleague of Liao but now being possessed by a leopard cat spirit, is trying to get help from Liao to rejuvenate a countryside temple. Before Liao could understand what’s going on, his brand new daily life is already on the track.

Surprisingly, these gods appear from nowhere are not fuddy-daddy as Liao thought, letting him rethink the positive side of folk belief in the modern society. However, his course schedule doesn’t allow him to thoroughly interpret the traditional culture, and now it’s time for you to help him getting his decision.

You can get Nekojishi for free on Steam . To download the limited edition version of the game and get the NSFW content, go to the Nekojishi site. A pop-up will appear in Chinese before you can enter the site to make sure you are over eighteen. Choose the option on the left to continue.

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